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Opinions of Sunday, 28 June 2020

Columnist: Agyei Mensah, Contributor

Pentecost University management should be be considerate- Concerned students of Pentecost University

A file photo of Pentecost University logo A file photo of Pentecost University logo

We are appealing to the management of Pentecost University to be lenient on us. The year 2020 has been a tough one which is pregnant with abnormal instances, parents of students and students who are self dependents are finding it difficult to make ends meet due to the negative impact of Covid19 on persons and organizations economically.

Most parents have lost their jobs, it has become difficult for the vulnerable ones to raise monies to aid in paying our fees, this has added to our worries as students. The University can attest to the fact that it hasn't been easy since the outbreak of this Pandemic in Ghana, financially, parents and students are finding it hard to survive, students have been pleading with management to reduce fees and the SRC has as well engaged management on that severally.

On June 23rd, 2020, the university issued a statement announcing "No fees No Examination", it was unfortunate to hear that in this abnormal period that the world is highly affected by Corona. We were anticipating that the University will come out announcing at least 30% reduction of fees from this Semester/Trimester and beyond, it was later realized that 50% reduction was made on User fee which is Ghc 201, thus Ghc 100 waiver to students across.

We are pleading with the management of Pentecost University to once again look at the reduction, they should consider the unfortunate occurrences by reducing the fees to at least 30% to ease the pressure on parents and students.

According to a petition signed by 664 students from Pentecost University indicate that the students are really facing difficulties, the petition can be viewed via

We received notice from management that reads "Good morning. Kindly note that if you have not made full payment of your fees, you may not be able to log onto the LMS. As usual, kindly share this with your colleagues on your course platforms." ,

Unfortunately, in less than 5 hours of seeing this notice, students who are owing can't access the LMS.

We are calling on Ministry of Education, Minister in Charge of Tertiary Education and The Church of Pentecost to engage Management of Pentecost University to give us a fair percentage of at least 30%, as well as accept at least 50% part payment to enable us to take part in the semester/trimester Examination. Some students are on scholarship and as funds are yet to be released for the semester/trimester, it will be very difficult for them to take part in the Examination, this can affect over 70% of students who are crying out to management to show sympathy on us.

We hope management will give us a listening ear as we all struggle to survive under this Covid19 pandemic.


Signed by

Agyei Mensah

Emmanuel Offei

Veronica Osei

Owusu Godson

Selina Quaye