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Opinions of Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi

Peaceful Elections In December 2012

- A Non-negotiable Demand By Ghana's Silent Majority.

By Kofi Thompson

It is crucial, for the future well-being of our homeland Ghana, that the December 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections, pass off peacefully.

A peaceful outcome, will cement Ghana's international reputation as a peaceful, stable and democratic African nation - and help our nation to continue attracting investors, whose businesses will create much-needed jobs for the younger generation.

Indeed, such is the need to continue guarding and maintaining that well-deserved worldwide reputation as a beacon of hope in sub-Saharan Africa, that all candidates standing in the December polls, must put aside the pursuit of self-interest, for Mother Ghana's sake, and pledge to work together with their political opponents, to do whatever needs to be done in the period leading up to the day of the elections, to remove all potential points of friction in the areas they are contesting for votes in, across the nation.

Above all, the presidential candidates must constantly stress the importance of the need to have peaceful elections, in December, when addressing their party members, at campaign rallies across the country.

They owe that to the good people of Ghana, and to Mother Ghana. They will be letting ordinary people and the enterprise Ghana down terribly, if they allow violence to mar the December elections.

Alas, would that not confirm to the world at large, that they are failed and incapable leaders, totally undeserving of ruling Nkrumah's Ghana? Peaceful elections in December, is a non-negotiable demand by Ghana's silent majority. And they had better listen - for the voice of the people is said to be the voice of God. A word to the wise...

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