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Opinions of Saturday, 31 October 2015

Columnist: Yeboah, Raymond

Peace Fm is given ten days altimatum

Press statement in reaction to a false and unfounded news report aired by peace FM radio station and its affiliate stations nationwide on their 6pm news bulleting on Friday,23,October,2015 that an appeal court in Kumasi with a panel of three judges had ruled that the name of Osabarima Okokyeredom Kwadwo Soto the first had been expunged from the register of both the Bring Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs and the national house of chiefs and that he is no more the paramount chief of Banda traditional area but one Sakyame Senapem,an indigene of Banda Kabrono is now the Paramount chief.We the members of Banda traditional council have given Sampson Nyamekye and Peace FM ten days ultimatum,counting from Monday 26 October,2015 to bring out the appeal courts judgement which says that Osabarima Okokyeredom Kwadwo Soto the first not the omanhene of Banda for the whole world to hear or see the truth or otherwise of it.Other than that,as a council with loyal and unflinching support for our parliament chief,we will accordingly advise ourselves.
The claim as reported by Sampson Nyamekye,the Peace FM and Hello FM reporter in Kumasi is FALSE and highly pregnant with sinister motives and diabolical intentions of Sakyame Senapem who caused them to make that radio publication.This is because neither the appeal court in Kumasi nor any other competent court if jurisdiction in Ghana has given any judgement of the sort as far as we are concerned.
The only chieftaincy dispute between Osabarima and Senapem ended at the supreme court in 2001 in favor of Osabarima Soto.
For,as the substantive and bonafide Paramount chief of Banda traditional area,Osabarima Soto the first has no chieftaincy dispute with Sakyame Senapem,the man who paid money and influenced Sampson Nyamekye to carry that story.
Following that bogus media report by Sampson Nyamekye on Friday,23 October,2015,the Banda traditional council held a press conference on Monday 26,October,3015 in Sunyani to set the record straight.
The Abreponghene of Banda traditional area,Kwansiafamu Oseadeyo Barima Kofi Anim Hanteli,addressed that the press conference on our behalf as the spokes person of the council.That,Senapem out of his selfish interest and avariciousness sued the lands commission in the Accra Fast Track High Court that the Built Dam compensation meant for the BTC and people of Banda traditional area should be paid to him because he is the Bandahene.
As a result,the BTC challenged the suit that Senapem's claim and request from the lands commission was baseless and untrue.Senapem then sued the land commission in the fast track high court in Accra.The land commission therefore wrote to notify Osabarima Sito and the BTC about that court suit against them by Senapem.
The BTC consequently sued Senapem at the Accra Fast track High Court that he Senapem is not the paramount chief of Banda to claim the compensation.Our suit against Senapem for his false claim was fixed on 23 October,2015 by the court.But the court did not sit on that day because the presiding judge had not returned from vacation and the date for hearing is yet to be fixed.So,no wonder on the 23October,2015,Senapem,sensing danger that,he would be charged with contemp and convicted for false declaration of himself as Omanhene,influenced Sampson Nyamekye of Peace FM and Hello FM who threw the ethics of journalism profession aside to carry that story because either covertly or overtly ,he failed to consult neither Osabarima Sito the first in person nor the BTC as a body for the truth of the matter to come out.
Why is Sampson Nyamekye now refusing to pick and answer the call of Osabarima Sito to give him the space to refute that false claim by Senapem that he is not the Omanhene of Banda?At our press conference held in Sunyani on monday,Sampson Nyamekye was not there but one Ohene Kenedy in Sunyani rather was there on behalf of Peace FM.So why is it that on the 6pm Peace FM news that day ,it was Sampson Nyamekye who carried the report of our press conference but not Kennedy.?
The real issue raised at the press conference explaining the facts,and the fact that Osabarima Sito is the Omanhene of Banda traditional area,recognised by both the BARHCs and the NHCs as such was calculatedly omitted by Ohene Kennedy,Sampson Nyamekye and Peace FM .why?This is because Ohene Kenndy,Sampson Nyamekye and Peace FM realised that,the explanation of the issue in our press conference exposed them,hence they omitted those facts from the news item at 6pm of Monday 26,Octpber ,2015.So Sampson and Peace FM have just ten days to defend themselves else-----------------

Raymond Yeboah