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Opinions of Monday, 21 September 2020

Columnist: Lawrence Appiah-Osei

The People’s Manifesto: Already a working document

Former President John Dramani Mahama Former President John Dramani Mahama

So how was Nana Addo going to rule the country between now and December if NDC had not launched their manifesto? I have said several times that Nana Addo is running the country one day at a time, and waiting for January 2021, to pack out of the flag staff house.

We hailed him as the savior of Ghana but he couldn’t last for three years and all his ideas are gone. For the first time in the history of Ghana, the opposition brought their manifesto out and Ghanaians are demanding the alternatives from the government. Now Nana Addo has to rely on NDC’s manifesto to complete his term.

NDC came up with a manifesto to legalize and regulalize Okada and suddenly, NPP is saying they’ve had broad consultations in 2019 to legalize Okada. Today they are saying, they will buy them cars so they can work and pay. They have 75 days to leave office and they are talking of buying cars for Okada riders. Do you remember what they said about galamsey in 2016?

NDC in 2021 will extend the Free SHS program to the Private schools. Now, the NPP are holding meetings with the stakeholders of Private schools and talking about extending Free SHS to them.

NDC in their manifesto will cancel the Teacher Licensure Exams in 2021. Suddenly, NPP has postponed the September exams to October. Some of us know, they have secretly cancelled the Teacher Licensure Exams. It is not coming back.

NDC will cancel the law that bans the importation of scrap cars into the country. Now, the Trade Minister sits in his office and suspends a law that was passed in parliament. Unfortunately, some idiots in the trade industry think the law is suspended. They don’t know the law is still active in Ghana and any Trade Minister under the NPP can activate it.

NDC in their manifesto will pay all depositors of collapsed banks, DKM etc. Suddenly from nowhere, Nana Addo has found GHC3.56M to pay the unpaid 2% of these depositors. If these depositors have anybody to be thankful for, they should thank John Mahama and the NDC for waking Nana Addo up. So, Nana Addo had GHC3.56M but decided to give them papers for 5 years instead of cash for now? That is a characteristic of a Sakawa President from Kyebi.

In the People’s Manifesto, cocoa fertilizer will be free for all cocoa farmers. I learnt there was an emergency meeting at the flag staff house this weekend to stop the sale of fertilizer to farmers.

President John Mahama advised Chiefs to ask just two questions when Nana Addo comes to their towns to cut sod. Since the advice was given, Nana Addo has suspended all sod cutting until further notice. Who say man no dey?

I will advice all Okada riders, teachers, small scale artisans, farmers, Chiefs and everybody to remember what Nana Addo said about galamsey in 2016, and what he is doing now. Please stand with John Mahama into December. I saw a video from Fomena in the Ashanti Region and I was convinced that Aba no, Mahama afa.