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Opinions of Thursday, 29 December 2011

Columnist: Youth For CPP

Papa KwesiNduom..........some thought provoking questions

1. Is Papa Kwesi Nduom leaving the CPP because the party does not think him as credible enough to represent it with the SFO scandal still hanging around his neck?

2. Doesn't PaaKwesi's move confirm the fears of those leading members of the party all these years, highlighting the fact that he has been building parallel structures to the party and has not been recruiting for the CPP but for himself?

3. Is it that Dr.Nduom cannot conform to organisational group work without he being in charge?-is he simply a loner in decision making? a. Prior to this day, he had vowed that regardless of the decision made by CPP delegates in the coming congress, he will still be seen on the ballot sheet. Does this not also bring to question his democratic inclination? And does this not speak of the selfish relations he intended to keep with the party so that if he wins he should be supported, but if another wins he is out?!! b. He singularly asked for a particular time that congress should be held and when the party decided on a date that will suit the party, he decides to break away.

4. Under the leadership of the past chairman,Mr.LadiNylander ,Dr.Nduom as we all know was in charge of the party for the past four years-this is no secret, does that mean that the weak party he talks about was built by him? Why couldn't he build a strong party then? And when a new leadership doesn't dance to his music he wants to frustrate their efforts JUST A FEW WEEKS after they have taken over.

5. The reason why NEC decided to hold two congresses was to allow the national executives elected in the first congress and then the flag bearer elected in the second. This was to have the national executives settle down and be ready to receive the Flag Bearer 5 months after (July 30th and September 30th) to avoid the mistakes of 2008. With the experience and knowledge of these facts, why would Papa KwesiNduom stampede the new executives with an early congress? When at the time all committees were not formed, deputy National executive positions not filled?

6. It wasn't the fault of the new leadership that congress was delayed so why should they be made to suffer the consequences of what was through no fault of theirs?

7. There are many funders of the party who contribute generously to keep this party alive as one big family, why does PaaKwesiNduom make it seem as if he has been the only one funding the party all these years? Trobu Amasaman office is an example where his total contribution formed 10.67% of the total construction cost and yet he wanted to claim the entire glory in his berserk publication in his Today newspaper titled, Monkey dey work; Baboon dey chop.

Papa Kwesi Nduom first of all never believed in the ideology of Nkrumah........He was NOT an Nkrumahist. He found an opportunity with the CPP and took advantage of the party....he has ALWAYS BUILT HIS PARA STRUCTURES ,A MOVE THAT HAS ALWAYS BROUGHT RIVARY FROM WITHIN.

So Nduom launches a new political party - A loyal C.P.P and die hard member indeed!!! Now all of you who thought Nduom loves the C.P.P and will do anything for it, judge for yourself! He is a Business man!