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Opinions of Friday, 26 March 2021

Columnist: Maxwell Maundy

Our comedy of errors, and the dagger in our hands! - Part two

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God made it just, and I mean "just” possible for me to be able to go to PRESEC. In my moments of sober reflections and meditations on the Omnipotent/Supernatural Being, I see clearly the traces and footprints of the "I AM THAT I AM," lifting me up above the stormy waters! Hopefully one day, I'll be able to complete my Book "The Amazing Grace - My Journey into Christendom," which I began writing in Pentonville after my encounter with the Holy Spirit. My next article after this will be my encounter with the Holy Spirit!

My latest Book stealing crime is with Pentonville Prison. During my case hearing at the Snaresbrook Crown Court in London in 2013, my Barrister likened me to Black leaders who resisted oppression, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba. I had never heard of Patrice Lumumba. On my return to Prison, I went to the Library to look for Books on Black leaders.

I found Jessie Carney Smith's BLACK HEROES, which had newly been supplied to Pentonville Library from Islington Libraries. I opened the book only to see the biographies of those who fought in the Civil Rights Movement. My goodness! What a book! What a wow! Nothing can be better than this! Immediately I requested to borrow it.

From the summer of 2013 till now - 8 years on - I'm still in possession of my all-time favourite book BLACK HEROES! Return date as stamped when I borrowed it was 27th August 2013.

Maybe on my return to England, I'll be arrested at Heathrow and sent back to Pentonville to serve a time as punishment for stealing the "BLACK HEROES." I die finish! Oyibo man don finish me!!

Hopefully and God willing, the first thing I'll do on my return is to return the BLACK HEROES to Pentonville Library. A friend suggested that I add copies of my Darkest Humanity book, the inspiration and the writing of which began in the very same Prison and Library. I'm sure I'll have a hefty fine to pay though, but it'll be worth the knowledge acquired! If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Okay, back to where I digressed. Growing up in Ghana, I hated politics. My childhood ambition was to become a journalist or newscaster. However, the political terrains in the 90s and early 2000s were inhibitions to my dream career and ambitions.

There was no press freedom. Journalists were cracked down upon. Komla Dumor, Kwaku Sakyi-Addo and Mawuko Zomelo were my favourite journalists at the time. Mawuko Zomelo lost his job at Joy FM over a program that was aired.
For these reasons, I hated politics. My hatred for politics was so intense that, throughout my 4 years of study at the University of Ghana, I never went anywhere nears the Political Science Department, even though some of my close friends and mates were studying Political Science.

In my mind, Political Science equals politics! Quite frankly, I don’t remember where the P – Science department is located on University of Ghana campus.

Moving to the UK, my dislike for the political establishment remained the same. In any case, I wasn't a British, so why must British politics matter to me? "Na weti concern me?" But whilst in the UK, I had relays of marathons of battles with the British government - British Intelligence, British Immigration, British Police, etc.

On the realisation that my battles with the British establishment could only be resolved by the Politicians, then began a political stirring in my spirit and being. Here was the beginning of me becoming a political animal. I found the truth in the saying that, you may not want anything to do with politics, but politics has everything to do with you.

Edition Two of my cutting edge Pan African Book Darkest Humanity is subtitled "The Secretary of State." Read the account of what transpired between me and Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge (MP for Barking), one of the longest serving British Politicians of all time and a darling of Westminster who once grilled the executives of multinational companies in her role as Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee.

In spite of her high ranking Political career and stature, read about how Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge let me down as my Secretary of State who had all the power to restore sanity to my insanity, but she couldn't. She rather called for my arrest and imprisonment. She didn't even care about the state of my mental health at the time, even as there note from a Buckingham Palace source that:

“Mr Maundy needs attention as he might be going through mental health challenges.”

In the words of our beloved Michael Jackson, "They don't really care about us." Not even when we become useful to them, like in my case. Soon and very soon, my book "Darkest Humanity" will be placed side by side with that of my Secretary of State Margaret Hodge's "Called to Account," both Books bearing the image of St George's flag! Edition One of my Book is subtitled “The Immigrant” and Edition Three subtitled “The British Establishment.”

So it was my English Odyssey that rendered me a political animal as I battled it out with the British establishments. But now back in my country Ghana, and seeing the madness going on here in the name of politics, I'm really baffled. Our politics is akin to Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. We're a complete depiction of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

We as a people have become so fake that honesty and integrity are now scarce commodities in our society. I wonder what the future holds for the children of this country. We have clergies whose minds and consciences are aligned with political parties and therefore speak the mind of the political parties, rather than the mind of God and humanity.

In the past, I considered African societies as one with a sense of morality, honesty and integrity than Western societies. But it looks like that was only the case when we had our traditional religion where punishment and justice could be instant.

I can honestly attest to the fact that, in my twelve years stay in England, a child raised in England knows the value of truth, honesty and integrity! But for a child raised in Ghana, his/her perception of truth, honesty and integrity would be based on the lenses of his/her political colours. May God save the children of this country!

Now, here’s the build up to event that led to the political enmity between Mike and I; the rise and fall of our brotherhood, till when sick/death – the crucible - stared at me!

On my DH - MISSIONS platform is a senior fellow by name Desmond (alias). Mr Desmond had lived in the UK for years, and therefore identifies so much with my book. Mr Desmond and I are members of a Landlords and Residents Association platform in one of the most litigated areas in the country. When I began sharing excerpts from my book prior to the launch, Mr Desmond was one of those persons who were sharing my excerpts on other platforms that I wasn't a member of.

After reading my excerpts on the Landlords and Residents Association platform, Mr Desmond would then share my excerpts on other platforms, including Accra Academy Old Students (BLEOOBI) platform.

Mr Desmond was at my Book launch at the British Council, and even came with one or two friends. Mr Desmond is one of very few persons I'll consider average Ghanaian with a medium pocket at my book launch. Aside of coming to grace the launch, he generously offered me some good money during the auction. I didn't have the connections to attract persons with big pocket. I had good attendance for my launch, but financially bankrupt.

Mr Desmond again went further by taking copies of my book and personally selling to family and friends and colleagues at work, and would later call me to come for the money. And I desperately needed the money, as my book project rendered me bankrupt and heavily indebted, still owes my Editor and Printer. If ever my DARKEST HUMANITY book should go down in history as one of the greatest books of all time, Mr Desmond's name should certainly be part of that history!

Now, here is the twist to all the wrangling I've been on and on about. Mr Desmond and I seem to share different political ideologies. Whilst I consider myself as a "soft touch" who can be swung by the political pendulum, depending on where I perceive a better stewardship to the people of this country, I see Mr Desmond on the other hand, as the type who cannot be swung no matter what. His leanings and affiliations are fixed to one party, unshakable and unchangeable.

Whilst I can say my political leanings in 2016 general election is different from that of 2020, I cannot say that about Mr Desmond. So I have always had political arguments and debates with Mr Desmond over the phone and on private chats, and sometimes on DH - MISSIONS platform.

Mr Desmond and Brother Mike are both members on the DH - MISSIONS platform, and they share same political ideologies and leanings. During one heated debate between Mr Desmond and I on the platform, brother Mike got angry and exited the platform. I felt so bad over the incidence because of differences in political ideologies. I thought Mr Desmond would exit as well, but he didn't. He only said I misunderstood him. From that day, I decided not to engage in partisan politics on the platform again. I have had an unreserved respects and admiration for Mr Desmond ever since.

During Christmas and New Year, I sent messages to both Mr Desmond and Brother Mike, but Mike didn't respond to any of my goodwill messages. Isn't it ironic then that, whilst on my sick bed, Mike is constantly checking on me?

So the questions; must sickness or death be the crucible that rekindles the bond of brotherhood or love between us as Ghanaians and one people? Must politics make us enemies? Must politics become a dagger in our hands?
We all know the stories of our former political actors, such as the late Evans John Atta-Mills, the late Paa Kwesi Amissa-Arthur, and most recently Jerry John Rawlings. Whilst these persons were chastised left, right, centre; and called all sort of names, these same persons are eulogised in death by the very same persons who called them names.

Do we participate in a politics of cynicism, or politics of hope?
So the choice is mine now, to either have a brotherhood devoid of politics, or politics with enemies who'll remember me in the event of sickness or death!

One of my beloved Uncles - Nii Lante Nii-Hansen of the Royal Hansen family of Jamestown - began telling me not to go into politics when he started reading politics in some of my writings. Mr COUNSELLOR, as I now call him, doesn't want me to descend into the filth of Ghanaian politics - a politics turned into weapon of mass destruction against our own selves.
After reading my hospital article on surgery "When Death Stares at You," Mr Counsellor sent me a message:
"You should consider writing full time."

And just when I thought I’ve had enough counsel to make up my mind, a beloved Auntie also sent me this on seeing me become columnist on Ghanaweb:
"Good morning and well done for your column. A word of advice... For future reportage, steer away from party politics but more general critic of national and social events. Hit the nail on the head..."
Well, need I say something?

Goodbye to “our comedy of errors” – “the dagger in our hands!”
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.
Let me walk upon the waters
wherever You would call me.
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Saviour.