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Opinions of Monday, 16 April 2018

Columnist: Mavis Wendy Owusu

Our Presidents travel too much - Concerned citizen

In every class worldwide, students are to be attentive while the teacher tries to make students understand him. Any students who moves around the class while the teacher teaches is considered a deviant and is quickly called to order.

Classes go on this way for the entire term unless on a number of occasions when after a lot of planning, an excursion is embarked on.

Our presidents should learn to be students and see Ghana as a teacher. They should please sit down and concentrate on the country. Presidents and their teams should tour every crook and cranny of the country to see how badly in shape our country is in.

People are suffering because of poverty. Everything is in a mess. The millions of Ghana cedis spent by our presidents and their teams on international travels should be used to make lives better.

When the country and its people are no more an eyesore, then the presidents can now travel around the world without any form of shame. Ghana is our homeland. Ghana must work again.

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