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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Columnist: Yeboah, Asamoa Ernest

Our Ghana?

Sometimes I wonder why our GHANA has become this way. It is really difficult to understand very well most of the happenings in our MOTHERLAND these days. To go home and have electricity is a privilege,and this makes me have the feeling that anything in my country that contains “G” and “C” in its abbreviations has got really huge problems eg.E.C.G , G.C.B,G.W.S.C etc.

We never seem to have the solution to the challenges we face as a nation. Yet we go about our daily activities as if all is well.Even after we have come up with resolutions and conclusions, we come out with PLANS, mostly short term that do not work. We have always had “BIG” plans for our cities ,however, they still remain in slums, how more NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS.

What we love to do is feature other country’s nationals even in CONSTRUCTION. It is like we are afraid when we need to allow space for our own to venture. WE always demand for our rights,but we are very good in copyright. This attitude has always cause the gradual collapse of our creative industry,which should be a very important source of employment for our youth.

Where is the ORIGINALITY,INNOVATION,HARDWORK,CREATIVITY and ENTHUSIASM. Its like all we are doing now is sleep and wake up to imitate others and imitate wrongly. Just look around you its happening.