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Opinions of Monday, 13 August 2018

Columnist: Honour Agbemor-Flint

Our 10% and more: The untouched anointed

We are quick to lambast politicians and we can say anything about our Presidents. But when it comes to our religious ladies, we suddenly remember "touch not my anointed". Who says politicians are not called by God. "God makes kings". Do you know that quote from the bible?

Our politicians are equally the anointed of God.

Let's see it from this angle.

We work and are paid not much. We pay 25% as income tax and then 10% as tithe to the church.

That's 35% of our gross income.

Then we have SSNIT and other deductions and contributions that come out from our gross. At the end of the day, more than 45% of your income is gone before it gets to you.

Then we fend for ourselves and our families and save what is left with the banks; some of which are owned and managed by our pastors who already have taken more than 10% of our gross income.

These pastors use that money to establish schools we can't afford to send our children to so we send them to the public schools which are equally good while they send their kids to the best schools abroad with your more than 10% income.

Then they use the rest of our money saved with them to venture into other businesses which are either for them or people very close to them. These they do by totally disregarding the laws governing their operations because they are above the law.

Our children complete school and get employed by these same banks owned by our pastors and friends.

Then we wake up one morning to realise these pastors and friends mismanaged the monies we saved with them and caused the collapse of the banks. Now our children, fathers, mothers and friends are sacked from these collapsed banks and are back home with us unemployed.

But we put all the blame on the politician forgetting our pastors must equally be blamed for our woes.

Have we ever stood beside anybody who has caused financial lost to the state? But we are here, hypothetically supporting our religious leaders.

Let's get more serious otherwise, Donald Trump will call us names we don't like