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Opinions of Thursday, 25 March 2010

Columnist: Agyemang, Nana Kwame Adarkwa

Otwea! Kwasi Pratt, Wosee Ne Hwan? Tweakai!

I had never known a so-called social critic who could be bought by a pottage of porridge until now. For an air-ticket to South Africa and some $500.00 pocket change, Kwasi Pratt sold his conscience and became a stooge. Such stomach nonentity who calls himself a senior journalist in Ghana has the nerve to warn the mighty Asantehene just because the latter commented on a public event. Ah! Akom KO!

Some rampaging youth in the Zabzugu constituency in the Northern region forcibly took over the offices of the National Health Insurance Scheme in the area and allegedly chased out the scheme manager on suspicion that he is loyal to the New Patriotic Party. How could this happen in a country that is ruled by laws? When Brong Ahafo celebrated its 50th A iversary some journalists were openly beaten in the presence of the former President Rawlings and yet there was no arrest. A suspected murderer was found under the bed of a Deputy Regional Minister and he is still at post. Nana Darkwa is being tried for accusing former President Rawlings for having set his own house on fire. Anytime he went to court there were some people who believed that their government is in power so they would want to beat him up. Nobody from either the security services or the government had found it convenient to condemn this behavior. Techimanhene kidnapped Tuobodomhene and subjected him to inhumane treatment and nobody protested

All these and a lot of others have gone on without a voice being raised by so called “civilized people” until Otumfuo Osei Tutu, the Asantehene, threatened to take the law into his hands if the government would not deal with the matter in the way it is supposed to be. All of a sudden inferiority-complex- characterized figure like Kwasi Pratt is shamefully screaming at the top of his voice like a pig scavenging for food in the mud. It was this same Kwasi Pratt who irresponsibly called on the Georgina Wood Committee investigating a cocaine related case to call on the Asantehene to come and testify because somebody had mentioned the word “Manhyia” at that place. It is becoming clear by the day that Kwasi Pratt is unfortunately growing horns and he has no idea as to how best to use those horns.

It must be made clear to Kwasi Pratt that the Asantehene does not give a damn to his ranting. In fact he does not even consider him as a human being who is making that noise. For it is believed that Kwasi Pratt is finding it difficult to make ends meet. By doing so somebody would have pity on him and dash him some change to buy food for his children. Kwasi, the Asantehene will not waste his precious money on you so you can continue to bark like a dog. You are noted for begging for money through such method. At least your trip to South Africa bears testimony to this.

Otwea! Just because you have access to a radio station does not mean you should malign responsible, honorable and respectable personalities in the society. If anything, your infantile attack on the Asantehene has most invariably, exposed you to the public as someone lacking in objectivity and rationality. It has heightened your stupidity and manifested itself in your crass and foolish hatred towards the Asantehene. For all right thinking Ghanaians, but you, could see that the Asantehene was right in his reaction towards the cowardly act and the barbarism that took place in Techiman on March 5, 2010. This assertion is verifiable through the prompt response the government gave to Otumfuo’s request. The government realized immediately that there had been a breakdown in security in that part of Ghana. Within twenty four hours top level security and government personnel were dispatched to both Kumasi and Techiman. Are you saying you are more sensible than the government?

Only a sagaciously challenged individual like you will jump into a public discourse without first examining the trend of affairs. Such behavior is the mark of intellectual dishonesty and a symptom of cognitive myopic syndrome. You need to be trained to know when and how to hate, put on your thinking cup and open your mouth. You are an apology of a morally deficient individual who have seriously compromised all the effort that your parents made to make you a natural human being. Nobody will know if you did not show it in public. Be fair to your brothers and sisters and curtail the exposure of your parents to public ridicule.

Stay off the Asantehene for you are nothing. Wo see ne hwan? Yetoo no sen na ammene? Afo Na yeehata anaase awo Na yeekoyie? Nkwaseasem aa kwaakwa. Tweakai! Biibi woi!!

Nana Kwame Adarkwa Agyemang (New York)

Koniyaw Kontihene