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Sports Features of Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Source: Kenneth Nana Amoateng

Otto Pfister sets bad example for our youth

The senior coach for the Cameroonian national team, Mr. Oto Pfister is at again, setting bad example for the youth of this country and the football community at large.

Coach Oto Pfister was last Saturday seen smoking at the Baba Yara Sport Stadium in Kumasi when his side was playing against the Zambian national team.

Abibimman Foundation believes that this attitude of Coach Oto Pfister should be condemned by FIFA, CAF, the Local Organizing Committee and Ghanaians in general because it is a bad precedent which should not be encouraged.

This is because Coach Oto Pfister has serious influence on young people and youth in Ghana and Africa at large. He helped mold most of the football stars in Ghana and across the globe. One could recall impact his dressing had on Ghanaian youth with the famous 'Oto-Pfister' (wearing trousers and shorts far below his waist.).

We of Abibimman Foundation believe that this bad behaviour of the famous coach could influence negatively our young football lovers and the society as a whole.

It must be emphasized that smocking in public places such as stadium is banned in Europe and an experienced coach of his caliber should have known that the whole world was watching him on television.

This negative behaviour must not be allowed to continue in Ghana. We are therefore calling the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to draw the attention of coach Oto Pfister to his actions. We are also calling for the expedition of the ban public smoking.

It is our conviction that as Ghanaians, we would hold on tight to our rich cultural heritage and shun any foreign lifestyle which does not protect our livelihoods as we continue to host Africa in this on-going tournament.

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