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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Columnist: Ayogyam, Alexander

Osei Prempeh’s Suggestion Is A Defeatist Strategy

Dr. Alexander Ayogyam (A.K. A. Muller).

A few days ago Mr. Osei Prempeh (former MP for Nsuta- Kwaman Beposo) on this platform suggested that the top hierarchy of N.P.P. should “find a way of retaining the sitting MPs”. Even though he cleverly drew in other political parties to consider his diabolic idea my interest is with N.P.P. our beloved party. He stated clearly that members of Parliament have acquired a lot of “experience” and so they must be retained to carry out their parliamentary duties. He even went further to cite an example of some members in the House of Commons who have stayed in their Parliament for forty (40) years and more.
I wish to draw the attention of the rank and file of our beloved party to some implications of this unfortunate suggestion. The implications deduced from his devilish suggestion include the following;
1. If he (Osei Prempeh) makes the statement that “they should find a way” in his capacity as a lawyer, I deem it unfortunate and devilish. It is clear from this statement that, there exist approved processes by which N.P.P. Parliamentary candidate are elected. However, he is advising that an unapproved process be adopted to manoeuvre and cheat the system in order to give way for the sitting MPs to be retained. Mr. Prempeh in his capacity as a lawyer should reflect on this devilish suggestion and see whether he is calling for peace or war in the party.

2. He (Osei Prempeh) occupied the seat for more than two terms but decided to “step-down” in the 2012 election to give way for fresh brains to succeed him. My question is that, didn’t he know that he had experience and so it was inappropriate for him to “step-down”? Or has he suddenly realised that he made a mistake? If he believes that his action in 2012 was good, why then is he calling for others to continue to stay on? Mr. Prempeh is telling us clearly that he did not accumulate any experience, and that informed his decision to “step-down” in 2012. If so, why then did he lie to all N.P.P. that he had experience and therefore called on delegates to vote for him as the Regional Chairman for the strong hold of N.P.P. (Ashanti). He should openly apologise to all for the wrong information he gave to the public especially the few that mistakenly voted for him during the regional election.

3. Again, He (Osei Prempeh) is telling the N.P.P. fraternity that they made a great mistake in voting Jake Obetsebi Lambtey and Sir John out. The reason is that, they had worked for four (4) years and they should have been allowed to continue because they had experience if his argument is anything to go by. He knows very well that Mr. F. F. Anto had also served for some time and should have been asked to continue as the Ashanti Regional Chairman. He kept quiet for Mr. Anto to compete for another experienced person’s position so that he could also contest for a regional chairman’s position he (Osei Prempeh) had no experience as a regional chairman. It is obvious that Mr. Prempeh is nurturing a diabolic plan which will not do N.P.P. any good.

4. With this ‘experience” syndrome that Mr. Prempeh is blindly talking about, should he a lawyer, be tutored on why the 1992 Constitution requires even very good leaders like our own J.A. Kuffour to step down after some time in office in spite of the experience gained? Where did he learn that spending more time at a certain place necessarily means one has gained experience, and for which reason others should be prevented from also coming to help? Mr. Prempeh has succeeded in shooting himself and also killed the vigour of potential politicians who saw him as a mentor including myself.

5. Mr. Prempeh’s comparison with the House of Commons is another clear manifestation that he has a lot to learn. The institutions and structures in this country are gradually been perfected and so it is the personalities involved who have to be innovative and well prepared to meet the challenges of the populace and lead the strengthening of institutions crusade! Elsewhere, the institutions and structures are perfectly working and so the personalities do just a little to meet the needs of the populace. As such, if someone stays in the House of Commons for the 40 years as he claimed, that situation cannot be transferred to Ghana. One would have expected that person of Osei Prempeh’s status and calibre would have known that the two Ghana and the U.K cannot be compared politically. Even in the public service where there is no doubt that a sixty (60) year old worker might have accumulated relevant experience, laws of Ghana tells him or her to retire and give way for fresh minds to continue. Though there is no such retirement age in politics, he (Mr. Prempeh) must note that at some point in human life ideas get exhausted and virtually less innovative. Hence, such personalities must not indefinitely occupy key and sensitive position whilst appropriate replacement can be done. My candid opinion is that, the party should see him as a man of no experience and disregard his unfortunate suggestion he made. If N.P.P. ever adopts such baseless suggestions, we will miss the crown again as a party. The playing field must be made level to attract those who are capable of amassing votes for N.P.P. Long live N.P.P.! Long live Ghana!

By Dr. Alexander Ayogyam (a.k.a. Muller) 0265300321, 0271458585