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Opinions of Thursday, 23 January 2014

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

Operation Keep Him Off The Surface Of The Earth

– Part 2

The late Bob Marley of blessed memory once stated that “IN THE ABUNDANCE OF WATER, THE FOOL BECOMES THIRSTY”, How true the saying was, because in the abundance of gold, diamonds,manganese, bauxite, timber, cocoa and recently Oil in Ghana, the people live far below the poverty line, and have been living in extreme poverty from 2001 – 2008 under President Kufour’s NPP government which promised POSITIVE CHANGE and it turned out to BE NEGATIVE CHANGE. The NPP again came out with another slogan telling Ghanaians that the government’s policies were SO FAR, SO GOOD, but it was rather so far, so good ONLY in the pockets of Kufour and his ministers and party leaders between 2001 – 2008. One of the cardinal policies of President Kufour was ZERO TOLERANCE for corruption in his administration.

By that, he meant that no form of corruption will be tolerated by his government. Further more, he had VOWED to eradicate corruption and punish WHOEVER WAS GUILTY of corruption.

Within only one year in office, the Ghanaian public already saw that Zero TOLERANCE APPLIED ONLY TO PEOPLE WHO DID NOT BELONG OR SUPPORT THE NPP GOVERNMENT. After been sworn-in as the President of Ghana, Kufour flatly refused to move to the Castle, then the official seat of government in Ghana,but decided to govern from his private house while he described the Castle as filthy and not fit for a President and caused his private house to be renovated and refurbished with STATE MONEY. When there was a public outcry, a Kumasi based farmer foot the Bill to end the whole rumpus with ¢41million – was it not a bribe given to Kufour?

Positive Change was only at the Osu Castle, the then seat of government under the NPP from 2001 – 2008. The NPP government voted an amount of ¢4.2millino cedis for the renovation of government bungalows at a time the country had been DECLARED HIPC.

The then National Chairman of the NPP Mr. Haruna Esseku came in handy to tell Ghanaians that the large amounts of KICK BACKS that he collected from Kufour’s office could over fill his car boot at a time an office of Accountability was ereated right at the Castle by the NPP government. The above were the very reasons why the NPP wanted to Kill Rawlings at all cost and loot the tax payer’s money. Even when the NPP failed they amassed billions of Ghana Cedis from the country’s coffers and are now fabulously rich since their slogan is – Property Owning Democracy”.

It will be recalled that on 21st January 2006, President Rawlings’ office UNCOVERED YET another plot to assassinate him, he went to Tefle for a village retreat with his family, and as soon as they set off on the way to the village, they noticed two National Security vehicles with heavy armed soldiers trailing them but when Rawlings and his security detail reached Tefle, the two National Security vehicles passed them by to Sogakope, and that was President Kufour’s Property owning democracy and zero tolerance for corruption in action between 2001-2008.

At the inauguration of the working committee of the Ashanti Regional Women’s wing of the NDC in Kumasi on Aug. 9th 2002.

Former President Rawlings urged Ghanaians to adopt POSITIVE DEFIANCE to prevent the ROT in Kufour’s administration from worsening while waiting for the 2004 general elections. In re-action, the Asante/Akyem dominated NPP government led by Kufour quickly instructed the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to call Rawlings to order. President Rawlings was invited twice by the BNI in one day on 13th 2002 to ascertain whether his call for Positive Defiance against the government was treasonable or subversive. That charge was preferred against J.J. Rawlings by the then Attorney General, Nana Akuffo Addo who is now the defeated President Candidate of the NPP and also a tribal warlord on War path. Mr. Kweku Baako Jnr. a pro- NPP Journalist published in his “Crusading Guide” 5th – 11th August 2004 edition that “Osama” referring to Rawlings will go this year before the elections, that statement implied that Rawlings would be killed that year suice Kweku Baako was privy to the plot. The Asante/Akyem dominated NPP government planned to use its position of strength policy towards the socialist inclined NDC. That involved the use of FORCE BY STATE SECURITY. like the BNI, Police, National Security, Military Intelligence and the use of lies in the media, and the complete manipulation of the judiciary against the NDC leadership and functionaries especially J.J. Rawlingss, the crowd puller, as they described him. Whether the Asante/Akyem NPP leaders and their supporters like it or not it is a fact that the 31st December revolution led by Rawlings under the PNDC government reduced corruption to 1% between 1983-1989 and it was the FIRST AND BEST ACHIEVEMENT in the history of this country since independence in March 1957, so what are these Danquah/Busia spin doctors talking about? During the launch of the NPP campaign on the 23rd October, 2004 at Odododiodoo in Accra, President Kufours referred to his predecessor, J.J. Rawlings as “THAT THING” instead of calling him by the name. this was laughable – Between Rawlings and Kufour – who deserves to be described as “THAT THING” I leave the answer for readers to comment on. We also saw the public boasting of Mr. Kweku Baako Jnr. Of the “Crusading Guide” and Frank Fordjour, acting Editor of the “Vanguard” that they had been provided with Surveillance devices to listen to the private conversations of Former President Rawlings and all NDC members, that statement confirmed that ALL PRO-NPP PUBLISHING HOUSES could intercept telephone conversations of former President Rawlings and his family and all NDC members, as and when they wished to do so from 2001-2008, and the Authority behind all those nasty state of affairs in those hellish years was President Kufour all in the name of Property Owing Democratic and Rule of Law. If President Kufour is given just 1/10 of the same shabby treatment that he gave his predecessor Rawlings from – 2001 to 2008, he (Kufuor) will die of shock within a week because he cannot afford to be regarded as a social nobody or an ordinary man as he did to Rawlings out sheer jealousy and vengeance. Is anybody Listening? I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” - “Aluta Continua!