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Opinions of Thursday, 18 August 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Open letter to the Prominent People Association of Kumawuman

Dear Kumawuman Prominent People,

Out of curiosity, and the quest to secure answers to certain questions that beat my gumption, I have resolved to publish this open letter to you in case any such association does exist.

I have heard from a source I did not pay too much attention to, that there exists a group in Accra in which some prominent members, or subjects of Kumawuman, belong. This group, they have named, Prominent People of Kumawuman, I think I was told.

Be that as it may, can I please know the criteria for accepting, or co-opting, one, into the group? Is it by one’s acquired higher and, or chains of academic qualifications; or volume of wealth acquired, or their political affiliations and positions in both the private and public sector services, or their elevated traditional status within the Kumawuman community in particular and Ghana in general?

I am really interested in knowing if any such group exists, their membership and their aims and objectives. For how long has it been in existence and what are their achievements so far?

Until I confirm the existence of the group and their aims and objectives, I am not in the position to say much, thus, pass any comments on them. However, the members of the group are to bear in mind the deplorable state of their ancestral place of birth, the knowledge of which will shape their views to aspire to develop Kumawuman. This will also help them to resist any attempts by crooks presenting themselves as traditional overlords, puppet chiefs and insatiably greedy queens who do not mean good for Kumawuman.

For being well known and important, one will expect to find your ancestral place of birth to much your prominence. Subsequently, be reminded of the fact that Kumawuman, especially its traditional headquarters (Kumawu), lacks so many things to the extent of lacking public places of convenience hence children defecating in their backyards.

The dearth of essential developments has partly culminated in the periodic outbreak of cholera and typhoid fever, giving rise to the many monthly deaths occurring among the population/subjects.

Kumawu is in such a poor state that I shall request the Prominent People Association of Kumawuman, if indeed any such group exists, to ensure that no one individual or group of individuals, be they the supposed Asante Overlord, illegally imposed Kumawuhene, queen etc., is allowed to short-change the entire citizens or subjects of Kumawuman.

I am sure the group will be Kumawuman-focused without the members pursuing their parochial interests. Again, I hope there are no moles planted in the group that seek the interests of some saboteurs of Kumawuman, by spying on other members to report back to their secret contacts.

I wish the Association well if they are of good practically-focused intention about Kumawuman, their ancestral place of birth.

Yours Faithfully,

Rockson Adofo