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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Columnist: Sakzeesi, Camillus

Open letter to NDC: Cadres must rethink position

Ghana ruling party Ghana ruling party

This is an open letter to my fellow cadres who stood the odds of time, and worked hard to give birth to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which survived to become a political party of its current stature.

Comrades throughout the country, I have restrained myself from doing this piece over time now - but the pressure within me is such that I ought to obey my moral dictates and the REVOLUTIONARY discipline in me by releasing my heat in this write-up.

If I don't achieve anything at all, the mere feeling that I have expressed my anger-which I know majority of you share-is enough.

You will all agree with me that in 1992 when the ban on partisan political activity was lifted, and before its lifting, cadres throughout the country had started organizing towards the organization of the then yet-to-be NDC.

Some of us at the community level were threatened with the foreteiture of our monthly allowances if we were unable to pen-down names of opinion leaders who were to be contacted - all in the bid to the formation of the party.

Sleepless nights of tireless work towards the formation of the party paid off when the National Democratic Congress was formerly outdoored at the Arts Center on June 10, 1992. We all felt proud of being the engineers of this success story.

Thereafter, we were told to step back because we may have stepped on people, and our front-liner role may bring misfortune to the party. So, the donkeys who pulled the cart of grain was made to continue chewing grass without even a cup of it as food supplement.

In any case, we were not asking for any special attention in terms of sharing whatever.

Our beef is that we fought in the revolutionary era which finally gave birth to the current stable democracy for a better country for all Ghanaians to have better living conditions.