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Opinions of Friday, 25 December 2020

Columnist: Nana Ato Dadzie

Open letter to Emile Short to call meeting of EC Eminent Group on aftermath of elections

Justice Emile Short Justice Emile Short

On the 25th November, our Advisory Committee had a tough “Zoom meeting” with the EC with tempers slightly frayed.

On the 26th November, the EC Commissioner issued a letter of commendation and appreciation for the open and frank interaction of the 25th and the pieces of advice (nuggets) and wisdom voluntarily advanced by members to assist in the common task ahead of the EC, ie to execute on the 7th of December during Ghana’s Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Today, ie the 23rd December 2020, the Elections are technically over but clearly, and as was expected, there is a chorus of complaints and objections, including open public street demonstrations directed at EC on its election management performance on the 7th December 2020.

The situation has been compounded by what appears to have been some weaknesses in the post voting collation exercise, leading to the unacceptable and wholly avoidable loss of precious lives of some 6-8 Ghanaians.

We all must be alarmed and legitimately seek to be briefed on what went wrong.

Tension is obviously building up in the country as seen and read both in the mainstream and social media.

Our Eminent Advisory Committee is yet to be briefed:

a) on the election management (Presidential and Parliamentary Elections held on 7th December, 2020) as executed by the EC.

b) circumstances leading to the shooting to death and maiming of Ghanaian citizens

c) Open Post Election challenges and growing tension in the country.

d) Other matters.

As Chairman of this Eminent Advisory Committee (Mr Justice Emile Short), I, Nana Ato Dadzie, cv, member of the Committee, wish through you, to respectfully call for an urgent meeting of the Advisory Committee, to enable the E.C and the Commission comprehensively brief our Committee on the issues raised above.

A recent public statement suggesting that the Commission has shut down and gone on break till 19/1/21 is generally considered worrying and disturbing not only because of perceived urgent outstanding issues hanging in the mass media and from stakeholders, redressable by the EC, but also the want of any briefing whatsoever of your august Advisory Committee, on issues raised supra.

The Eminent Advisory Committee and its Honourable and Distinguished members are currently placed in a highly embarrassing position as the proverbial “Simpa Panyin.”

Inspite of its structural and constitutional challenges from birth, I believe the Eminent Committee has in its advisory role, performed creditably during its tenure.

A full and comprehensive analysis of the Committee’s operations, may prove beneficial to the State for the future, in building a more durable and sustainable Electoral Management institution.

Mr Chairman, Justice Short, please accept for your attention and follow up action with the EC.

Also for information of all Honourable Members of the Advisory Committtee, and the general public on whose behalf we were called to serve.

By Nana Ato Dadzie, CV

Eminent Advisory Committee
(Electoral Commission).