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Opinions of Thursday, 4 September 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Is Asantehene Serious At All?

Today, Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is obligatorily being placed under my tutelage to study Ashanti land history. He has recently made a frivolous statement that depicts his disregard for Kumawuman citizens and his lack of knowledge of Asante Confederacy laws promulgated in 1938.
On his return to Ghana from his recent partial “round the world tour”, going to USA, UK and Norway, on medical and business missions, he issued an authoritative statement to some Kumawu people. He said to them, “The person that Kumawuhemaa has chosen, and presented to me, is the person that I will enthrone Kumawuhene. Anybody in Kumawu who disagrees with me should pack up their things and leave my land”. What an authoritarian order or threat similitude of Paul Kruger’s, “This is my country; here are my laws, those who cannot obey them should leave and go”
I find Asantehene’s statement quite denigrating to the dignity of Kumawuman citizens. He does not know what he is saying. He is arrogating to himself powers that are not his. Who conferred upon him the absolute power to impose the person of his choice, collusively selected of course, on Kumawuman? Which Asante laws and usage, or Kumawu custom, bestowed such powers or rights on him?
From a Draft report of an Asante Confederacy Council meeting held on 21st March 1938, the following happened. I quote, “Arising out to the Council’s discussion on Item 7 of the Agenda the following declaration of Custom is submitted to the Council for discussion and for signature if approved.
1. All land in Ashanti is the property of Stools of the various chiefs.
Of the 7 points under Item 7, nowhere was Asantehene stated as the bona fide owner of the entirety of Ashanti land. The land is the property of the divisional chiefs occupying them as clearly demarcated and mapped by then Chief Commissioner of Ashanti, Francis Fuller.
The following chiefs were present in the Confederacy Council meeting, discussed the topic and approved of it. They were, Asantehene, Asantehemaa, representative of Mamponghene, Juabenhene, Nsutahene, representative of Bekwaihene, Kokofuhene, Adansihene, Dormaahene, Kumawuhene, Essumejahene, Offinsohene, Ejisuhene, Agonahene, representative of Bandahene, Wenchihene, Nkoranzahene, Jamanhene, Mohene, Abeasehene, Berekumhene, Denyasehene, Asokorehene, Kuntanasehene, Oyokohene of Kumasi, Kyidomhene of Kumasi, Gyasehene of Kumasi, Adontenhene of Kumasi, Benkumhene of Kumasi, representative of Akwamuhene of Kumasi and Korentihene of Kumasi, and the witness to signatures and marks, Secretary - Confederacy Council – (T.W.K. Appiah).
I have a full document on Asantehene been reduced to exercising only the role of a Ceremonial Head within the Asante Confederacy since its restoration in 1935. Curious persons desirous to find out more can read books by Ivor G. Wilks (born 1928), a noted British Africanist and historian, with a specialism in Ghana. Then read “Ashanti Laws and Constitution by R.S. Rattray.
Otumfuo Osei Tutu has not an iota of influence over Kumawu Stool land and or, its inhabitants. He has absolutely no right to impose anyone as paramount chief on Kumawu as he is bragging about. The people’s will and that of God, but not his, shall prevail.
He should rather be ashamed that he proved himself an abysmal arbitrator with regard to the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. With all the mentioned corruption, extortion and bribery unfolding before him during the hearing of the invocation of the “Asantehene Ntamkese”, amid arbitrating the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, on 24th February 2014, he still disregarded the prescribed consequential punishments to go on to declare the Kumawuhemaa’s candidate as the chief-elect.
If Asantehene dares me, I shall publish my entire research work for the whole world to know he is not as powerful as he portrays himself. He lies about history to achieve his dubious aims. With Kumawu, he will fail. He thinks Kumawu people will allow him to stealthily sell the one million (1,000,000) acres of the Afram Plains land to the Norwegian. He will also not get the 50% share of the Kumawuan money currently sitting in Bank of Ghana as promised to him by Kumawuhemaa and her candidate.
Mr Basoah, the Chairman of the Kumawu Association in London, please arrange to meet me for documentation on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. I shall make available to you the detail documents I have, with the evidence, to show to the members of the association. I want them to understand why I am fighting to save Kumawuman not only of the land, but also, the money Kumawuhemaa has planned to dish out aimlessly to Asantehene and other “Amanhene” while Kumawuman citizens suffer from abject poverty.
Stay tuned for more information. Arise, the noble citizens of Kumawuman, to fight to save your place of birth from rogues. Asantehene says it will be a disgrace to him if he failed to enstool the candidate of his choice (Kumawuhemaa’s candidate). With this in mind, he plans to do whatever it takes to bulldoze his way through to achieve his aim. Sorry, it will rather be a disgrace should Kumawuman citizens sit unconcerned for him to exploit them as mentioned.
Rockson Adofo