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Opinions of Monday, 18 May 2015

Columnist: Amenga-Etego, SaCut

Open letter To Yvonne Nelson

Dear Yvonne Nelson,

Happy ?#?DumsorMustStop? vigil to You. I Hope You have developed a "thick skin" by now that You have moved Beyond Entertainment into civil activism. This one Is a rough terrain and sometimes You must be rough and tough in thèse matters.

Anyways, Yvonne, i don't mean to make this a long letter. I know You are busy today arranging for your 'photo shoot' tonight.

Lemme Say that You are very courageous. And i admire courageous people. You are more courageous than the braggard Sarkodie who 'pulled foot' and left You alone in this struggle at the last minute. Well, You have to understand the intrigues of this Game.

I Heard You on BBC. You blasted Our government officials as pure liars on the issue of dumsor. Some people have said that was an insult. Don't mind those sycophants who don't know the différence between real life experience and fiction. As an actoress, You know better.

After all, we were in this country when a minister of state called Baba Jamal asked journalists to Say "white cow" when they see a "black sheep". How else can we discribe such an official? Pure liar of course! Just note that There are a 'few good men' still in government. They are not all liars, some are.

Well, in principle, i support #DumsorMustStop vigil tonight. You have the right to demand action as law abiding Citizens from your government. Ideally, i should have joined You Guys tonight. If for nothing at all, i am sure i Will get into one of your selfies on your Facebook Wall hall of fame. But sorry beautiful girl, i could make It for two important reasons. In fact one reason Is important and the other Is crucial.

The important reason: You know i am an NDC member. And You know in Ghana You cannot Just think and act independently as a Ghanaian. You are either NDC or NPP. I hear they call it régime politics. From my récent experience, especially with ?#?dumsorissues?, if i show up there at the vigil, my pilitical friends Will attempt to roast me alive as a non-conformist. They cannot tolerate philosophers in Our politics, only blind followers.

Nevertheless, trust me, I would have still shown up for that vigil tonight because i am fearless and the worse my friends Can do Is to throw me into the fire but i Will Never get burnt. I am a ?#?Survivor?.

But, here Is the crucial reason Yvonne, why i could not join your vigil. I don't mix with people who do not practice what they preach. I mean, don't mix with hypocrites. And since i recently found out that You are a dishonest Citizen, i have decided to expose your dishonesty.

Yes, Yvonne, don't be suprised that some of us have found out about your illégal usage of electricity at your wire fenced Red Row estate - East legon Hills for the last two years.

My in-depth investigations have revealed that as at December 2014, your house and almost all of the gated community in which You have been living for over two years have had no electricity mètres and no monthly bills and yet You gladly enjoyed the comfort of your split airconditioners.

I am aware that upon realising that You May have been Under some sort of investigations, You made efforts this year to get a metre fixed in your house. Even then, most or all of your wealthy neighbors do not pay electricity bills because they are illegally connected without mètres.

So: You see pretty Yvonne, You are living a double life. Whiles You are on the airwaves, on your Facebook and Twitter walls, on the Street shouting on top of your Voice #DumsorMustStop, you turn round and contribute massively to ?#?DumDum? together with your rich neighbors. What campaign efforts or pressure have you brought to bear on the conscience of your neighbors and yourself about their illégal usage of electricity for free? Honestly??

If famous and fortunate people like you who Can afford to buy a house with airconditioners Will use electricity for free, knowingly, should we not expect to live in a #DumDum republic? And isn't It a shame, Yvonne, that despite this lack of responsibility on your part, you still find It prudent to assume a moral High ground on which to hold others responsible for ?#?Dumsor? whiles extricating your self from it?

Well, they Say if you live in a glass house, don't throw stones. But since you think you are totally impregnable and therefore decided to throw some stones from your glass East legon hills, i cannot apologise to You or your surrogates for throwing back some rocks. it Is because i don't throw stones - only rocks.

stop the double standards!!

Enjoy your new heights of fame

Warm regards,

Amenga-Etego SaCut (journalist & ghost writer)

It is neither in my nature nor nurture to flatter men - don't expect it