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Opinions of Friday, 8 May 2015

Columnist: SaCut, Amenga-Etego

Open letter To Ato Kwamena Dadzie


Long time no see. How have you been since returning from your over two years sojourn in Canada? I hear you went to study. And many people have been asking me about what you may have probably studied abroad. Some are doubting that you actually went to study. Others are convinced you went to hustle in the kitchens and washrooms of Toronto. Did you study? Did you hustle? Or you did a bit of both? I hope you will clear the air and set the records straight.

The last time I wrote something about you - not that you are important to be written about - you went to blast me on your defunct blog. That was over three years ago. I Ignored you at that time because you were not worth my time.

Ato, I hope you know why people don't believe that you went for further studies. It is possible you don't know. I know you don't care. I will tell you anyways.

Although I hardly listen to radio, especially "rented airwaves" like yours, I have been told you came back to a lower seat at that discredited multi-media house. I also hear you are still doing the same old sarcastic news paper reviews every morning- the same childishness that you displayed for several years before fleeing to Canada. Is that true? I can't believe it!

Is that why you now call yourself "senior journalist"? Don't you think it is more appropriate to rather call yourself "senior news paper reviewer"? Because that is what you are. Or does it take a diploma in journalism from GIJ to review stories in newspapers and put your arrogant opinions before your listeners? I double doubt it.

First of all, there is nothing like a senior journalist. It is about the content of your work. But even if we admit that people with long practice are seniors in journalism, we will also expect such long term practioners to have worked for various media houses - print, electronic, broadcast etc - and may even own their own media houses. Massa, you have done the same thing on same station for several years, you cannot even run your own blog constantly and you have the audacity to call yourself a senior journalist? Senior journalist my foot!!!

Anyways Ato, what have you been yapping about since your return on the airwaves? Did I hear you have been pontificating and trying to act sanctimoniously as if you were a clean journalist with integrity? I heard you now even call "soli" a bribe. Since when? How about the "soli" that you and your ilk from Joy FM used to take from Kojo Mpian in President Kufuor's reign? Or is it because of the small Canadian Nokofio dollars you got from your Toronto hustle, you now see "soli" as a bribe?

Well, if you now see "soli" as a bribe, then that must be the first glimpse of noticeable change since your return. Some of us only wonder why your change has not occurred in your thinking and reasoning. Even your lyrics are the same stinking water-cooler gibberish.

Massa, I hear even your logic has not improved. Foresooth, it has gotten worse. And that is why you fail to understand a simple analogy of the dead goat syndrome by his excellency the President.

Let me explain in simple class one English so that even the "dullest school kid who is always last in class" can understand. The consolidated fund is the goat.The single spine salaries of workers is the goat meat. The workers of Ghana have taken over 70% of the goat parts. That includes the liver and the heart of the goat etc. And that makes the goat DEAD. If workers now threaten to go on strike, so as to get more salary(more goat meat), those workers are demanding what does not exist - a dead goat. And there is nothing more the dead goat can offer.

Ato, it is either you understand this simple analogy - which means you have more than two brain cells - or you misunderstand it - which means you have less than two brain cells. And so if your so-called further studies in Canada cannot help you understand this simple analogy, then I double doubt if your diploma in journalism from GIJ can help you.

There is little wonder that you now call the president a Dead Goat just because he used this analogy to drive home a point to the discerning people of Ghana about austerity times.

After all, I hear that the reason why your contrastingly beautiful Ex-wife divorced you, and from which ignominy you run away from Ghana to escape, is that, apart from your nerdy behavior, you used your stinking lyrics on her at home too.

And could it be as a result of your lack of reasoning improvement that you returned to the now deserted Joy FM not as a news editor like before but now as what? Do you even have a designation at Joy FM now? A senior newspaper reviewer? What an ignominious stagnation!

It is only at your radio station that people go for further studies and return to a lower position. You should probably call yourselves a topsy-turvy radio station.

And, Ato, what makes you guys think you can single-handedly change a governing regime in Ghana by sitting on your microphones? Do you guys realize the increasing numbers of microphones in town?

So that when you say that President Mahama is gonna be a first term President, do you mean to say that you are speaking for the people of Ghana? Have the people of Ghana spoken into your "chosen" ears? Since when you were abroad? And can you honestly say, with your hand on your heart, that you believe what you are saying?

By the way, Ato, if you really believe in Ghana why did you run away for over two years? And what did you come back with? More vitriolic talks?
massa, you cannot be taken seriously - not by your discerning listeners - unless you think your listeners are namby-pambies. Are they?

Not exactly your friend
SaCut Amenga- Etego