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Opinions of Saturday, 20 July 2002

Columnist: Appiah, Emmanuel K.

Open commentary on Prez Kuffour's 2002 Speeches


His Excellency, President John Agyekum Kuffour:
Your speeches at various functions and national occasions this year have reflected the facts on the ground. I wish Your Excellency President John Kuffour the best in life and health in order to lead our nation out of abject poverty, ignorance, disease, and hopelessness.

I will strongly suggest that the presidency take a serious look at the non-performing ministers and appointees and make the necessary corrections before Ghanaians lose another opportunity to bring our nation into the 21st century.

Many of your ministers are just going through the motions and have no direction whatsoever; in exactly the same bumbling manner former NDC ministers operated and made a mess of themselves and their offices. The end results were a society where every conceivable system was broken down, ranked corruption by NDC government appointees and their cronies, and succeeded in making blatant stealing by officials from the state an acceptable practice in Ghana. Some of us sincerely believe that there are a thousand and one ways that the NPP government could have done to bring relief to the masses in its first year in office.


No one in this government or previous governments has taken upon themselves to correct the shameful inequality in the quality of education in different parts of Ghana. Children who by no fault of theirs attend schools in Wassa, Paga, or Ahafo are destined to end their education at the JSS and live hopelessly forever.

The proliferation of private schools of the 1990s exposed the sorry state of our public education system and our teachers. I may want to ask the education minister and the GNAT leadership to explain to Ghanaians why students from the private elementary and JSS schools excel not only in standardized tests but go on to become the educated elites of our society? Before GNAT spokesmen and women could insult the intelligence of Ghanaians with lame and tired excuses I want them to know the following:

  1. Generally, teachers in private schools have less training and education than teachers in public JSS system whose education and training were paid for by the taxpayer.
  2. Teachers in public JSS and elementary schools are paid more and have more benefits than instructors in private elementary and JSS schools. Private school teachers in most district centres comprise students who could not get admission to the universities or teacher training colleges.
  3. Schools run by the government are better equipped with social workers, child psychologists and other supporting facilities, which the average private school does not have access to.
  4. No one can say that private JSS are endowed with better facilities and laboratories than public JSS.
  5. Even in the most stifling conditions, environments or circumstances, people have taught monkeys, dogs, cats, and duck to be useful to Man and the society.


From the above, I would like the Minister of Education and GNAT to tell us why the District Educational Directors and head teachers in Ahafo Ano South District public schools should continue to be at their post if the whole district?s JSS scores showed that out of over 3,000, only TWO students had an aggregate of 15 or less to be admitted to first class SSS school. No corporate CEO or Director would keep his job if about 2,998 products out of 3,000 were classified as inferior and rejects. The company would have folded up many years ago. It is only in the world of Education Minister and the GNAT's heaven where incompetence and inefficiencies are rewarded. The head teachers and directors are retained to repeat their shameful performance over and over again.

The worse part of the story is that this official has been at this office for over 6 years. The problem is no one is willing to take responsibility. The minister will blame the educational directors; directors will blame the head teachers; the head teachers will in turn accuse the class teachers of inefficiency; the teachers will point fingers at the students and parents; and the parents will blame the government whilst the government team will pass the buck to the education minister. This is what I will call circle of SHAME.

The fact of the matter is that the minister and his public school teachers have no excuse for the poor performance by the students. Blaming the students and parents is the retarded wisdom of approach. The question is why should the educator and his assistants and deputies still be at their post with no accountability or probity from anyone. The one thing most of us had hoped that the NPP government would introduce into the nation within 100 days of taking office is simply demanding that Ghanaians takes full responsibility of their actions and inactions on the job.


I have to draw the civil servants of Ghana into this debate. These classes of people have covertly or overtly, consciously or unconsciously retarded the development of our country. Government workers both in the municipals and administrative work force have contributed tremendously to the current sorry state of our society. Before anyone from this class of Ghanaians speaks evil of this writer, he or she must answer the following questions:
  1. How many of his colleagues spend the full eight hours at the office?
  2. What time do they report to work and what time do they leave work?
  3. How long does it take to register a business, land title, or secure a telephone number, or be connected to the electricity grid in order to start operating a business in Ghana?
  4. How long does it take to clear goods meant for economy activities, such as manufacturing or retail at our harbours?
  5. How many times have they deliberately frustrated citizens who needed public service by soliciting bribes from them?
Mr. Adu Amankwah and his TUC, supported by the leadership of civil servant association, have yet to understand that the lower standard of living and poor work ethics is killing our developmental goals. Poor work performance emanates from poor education and extended family pressure on workers, as well as the lack of sense of duty and responsibility at the workplace. All of a sudden, labor union leaders, including GNAT, have gathered momentum to demand higher pay and benefits. As their cheerleader Mr. Adu Amankwa has chosen the easiest path. These leaders have yet to understand and comprehend the correlation between productivity, income, and standard of living. 

Mr. President, and my countrymen, the question we must answer is: ?should the wagon be put before the horse or the horse before the wagon?" Did that old Ghanaian song say: "work for happiness?, or ?happiness before work?" Should our public service employees work efficiently and provide a world-class service to citizens and businesses to foster economic boom, or simply continue with how they have gone about their work for over 40 years and expect to get different results? Maybe, Mr. Adu Amankwa could explain to Ghana the impact of good economic progress and it's trickle-down effect on the standard of living and income of the worker.  

The President of the Civil Servants? Association could perhaps tell how many business and investment initiatives his group has killed and their impact on the economy through their negligence, extortion, and their "go-come-go-come? gymnastics with people who apply for requisite certificates, permits, and titles to run their businesses in Ghana? Can he tell us what he has done about this shameful commentary on his outfit other than demand pay hikes for his workers every time he wakes up? 

I will want to throw a challenge to Mr. Adu Amankwa of TUC, the presidents of GNAT and Ghana Civil Servants? Association to tell Ghanaians what programs or policies their outfits have put together for the last ten years to educate their members on the correlation between job efficiency, performance, desired results, and compensation. This same over-educated leadership do understand privately that if each of their workers is paid a salary of 100 million cedis a month, the economic buffering that will follow will render their pay hike useless. They will be back at square zero and will be asking for more pay increases. The leaders must accept dynamism of prices and do the right thing: FOCUS ON PRODUCTIVITY! As Akans would say, "Yennkoto a, yenna". 



From the foregoing analysis, I am asking our affable President JA Kuffour to purge his cabinet and administration. I do believe that the President's visions, hopes and aspirations are not getting down to the people who need them the most, Ghanaians. The messengers in this case are some of his appointees and ministers who are not up to the task. They themselves have nothing to offer Ghanaians, but they are at the same time squandering the great vision of our leader. NPP government ministers must not expect different results if they perform in the same inefficient manner like the NDC and the Rawlings appointees and ministers did. You cannot sow bankye and expect to reap Keta schoolboys in the garden called Ghana. 


Team Kuffour supported by NPP party have so far shown signs of unidirectional focus.? Tunnel syndrome has no place in country administration.? It is a great idea to focus on fixing the economy but no one can dispute the fact that every facets of the administrative structure must be reformed.? Without that, the economy will not grow and poverty and standard of living will remain endemic for poor Ghanaians.? Kuffour team has so far shown lack of interest or skills to contain the aggressive politicking by NDC who are bent on causing tension and confusion in the country.? Our printed media and televisions have covertly supported the politicising of the civil service.? I have yet to hear a better analysis or apprehension of incessant and insidious attempt by opposition parties and their agents in the civil service to bring the service into politics.? The danger is that the inaction of the Team Kuffour and the media to condemn and demonstrate that some unprofessional actions by government agencies are not acceptable.? The churches and National House of chiefs are also silent about the danger ahead.? What do we want to teach our children?? Do we want our future generation to walk out of boardrooms and spill out what went on to opposition party newspaper?

The transfer of attorney general office's lawyer to Wa, and the rumpus of leaking auditor general report to opposition party leader must be condemned and must not be accepted by this government and any future government.? The media that should lead the moral battle and help model future generation are quit on this issue, and have taken a moral high ground of being neutral.? This is where the newspapers and TV editors, commentators, and program hosts must take a stand.? Jerry Springer, King of Main Stream TV tabloid does educate his audience at the end of his show.?

Such irresponsible and unprofessional action by the auditor?s office and the government lawyer is unacceptable in any form and must not be tolerated in the civil service. One thing that many Ghanaians including the educated elite have refused to recognize or question is that the propensity of the Auditor General office acting as lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.? What are their training and function?? How on earth can someone with an accounting degree from Legon become High Court judge when writing audit reports?? It is the Attorney General?s office who have the required competency and resource to prosecute or seek redress in a form of REFOUND of misapplied or stolen funds.? Even in better functioning societies, the audit department or ministry must refer the finding to the attorney general's office before the refunds and prosecution could proceed.?

I have yet to read from our opinion leaders and social commentators the call for the Auditor General?s resignation.? Any competent Auditor General would have fired most of the people who prepared and distributed the audit report and him resigning honourably right after that! It is the responsibilities of Ghanaians to show our children that gross disrespect for the law, and fly by night political mechanization can never substitute for professional ethics.


The president?s team of ministers and appointees for the 16 months have not take to the road of the president?s two great visions: Golden Age of Business and Zero Tolerance for Corruption in any form. May I remind the ministers and appointees that compromising in the face of official duties such as the auditors at the Auditor General?s office is a form of corruption and must not be taken lightly?? People heads must roll including the Auditor general.

I am afraid some of the ministers and appointees may not understand the importance of funnelling these two great visions to the people.? Every noise so far made by opposition parties and their surrogate newspapers and radio stations could have been put to rest easily and expeditiously by demanding accountability and making people be responsible for their actions and inactions.? Explanations given by government spokesmen and women are betraying the depth of their understanding of country administration and the president's vision.?? Many of the board of directors and managers of Corporate Ghana with President John Agyekum Kuffour as Chief Executive Office are awfully failing the CEO and the 20 million Ghanaians.?


The alternative to JA Kuffour?s administration does not look good.? May God forbid NDC regime ever in Ghana.? Ghanaians must not permit another twenty wasted years of ruin by P/NDC.? The dreams of better and human sensitive alternative governing party of PNC also went to the dogs when PNC leadership gave up, folded up and joined blood-sucking gangsters called NDC.? The history of PNDC and their 8-year ruin of Ghana by it surrogate NDC must never be forgotten or forgiven.? No one can prove or disprove that Ghanaians will not to be ushered into more dark years of atrocities against citizens such as confiscation of private properties, chaos, fear and intimidation, gross mismanagement, ripping citizens of their hard earned currency, government sponsored homicides, and another brutal cultural of silence should NDC be elected to lead the nation.?

The fears of another bloodshed gallery were reinforced when NDC at their last general congress refused to condemn coup d'tat as another viable means to form a government.? This is no doubt why many citizens resent NDC noise making on national issues.? NDC as an opposition party has failed more miserable than any minority party in parliament. It is not far fetched to conclude that NDC has turned all their machinery to protect a few rotten and corrupt individuals amongst them instead of doing their constitutional job as opposition party. The story of current NDC members is more of an unemployed people who throng to sport stadium to get high on self-importance by making the highest decibel noise as a hooligan.? After self-glorification at the arena is over, they sheepishly walk home with nothing accomplished other than 90 minutes of hooliganism.

Take a seriously look into the logic and reasoning of NDC leadership, spokesmen and women.? Idiotically, NDC wants the Minister of Education to resign of leaking and subsequent cancellation of the JSS general examination. While there are bigger sympathy-winning issues against the education minister about lack of "educating" our rural children. The problem is none of NDC?s party machinery is prepared to research the scores of the rural schools in general examination and the percentages admitted to the country universities or research the kind of academic programs that our disadvantaged students are taking.? With little analysis NDC could indict the honourable minister with support of the people.

Then again, NDC has no moral level ground to judge any current ministers on any substance other than noise making and sand throwing.? In my village, such people or group are called "ATAKWAMIS" but the big difference is that the "ATAKWAMIS" were house builders and brick-makers a very important part of the village development.?

The Supreme Court ruling affirming the constitutionality of the Fast Track Court saw NDC?s "legal luminaries" on whore mongering.? These law professors and experienced lawyers threw away their brains and made the fear of them and their cronies taking residency at Nsawam dictate the outpouring of their childish outburst.

Just listen to another NDC law professor comment on the court decision. The only thing this opposition party spokesman could worry about was the "Regional Imbalance of the Court as constituted.? He wrongly and childishly compared this baseless argument with USA Supreme Court. Could the "law luminary of NDC" to do little more self-educating before talking to the media?? On serious issue, Ghana is confronted with the danger of Supreme Court judges out number the number of parliamentarians according to the 1992 Ghana Constitution.?? This was nothing and had not being any source of worry to biggest opposition party.? The only lawful institution that has mandated rule to play to protect our country from corrupt judiciary saw no wrong about this issue.? The bigger and most important issue is the putting ceiling on the number of judges to be appointed to Supreme Court. This is what NDC must be in arm about not constitutionally constituted supreme court.

Many Ghanaians know the history of P/NDC when they forcibly took power in 1981. We know the torture and crime against humanity that this same group now called NDC meted out to their fellow citizens.? We are witness to how many in this group came to be the richest band in our continent. We are aware of the number of private and public businesses that were wilfully ran down by this group.? Ghanaians cannot TRUST NDC today, tomorrow, and could not trust this group the day they overthrew a popularly elected government of PNP.

Mr. President, until such time that we Ghanaians could have a viable alternative government in waiting your job is cut for you.? It makes it more challenging to you and your team to deliver on your promises, give us first class administration, and move the bottom bulk of our people to better standard of living.? To be frank, Ghanaians have no decent and trust worthy party at the moment to take over for your government should you and your team fail us.

PNC and Dr. Edward Mahama have given up on us.? CPP is nowhere near or have the will to put its house together to lead this nation.? We have a capable and competent president and government with some non-performing ministers. But by default, we have an atrocious biggest minority party in parliament called NDC whose interests are far from the interest of the people of this nation.? NDC by their deeds and actions are millions of miles away from dreams, wishes, visions, and aspiration of the Ghanaian masses.

From the above, the call to President Kuffour to stand up tall and do what duty demands is an understatement.? The President must purge his team.? Some of his team members are there for namesake.? Ghana deserves better leadership than that.? Ministers and appointees must always rise up to the occasion prepared, knowledgeable, and ready to deliver.? I do not see that in some of the President?s ministers and appointees.



Ministers and appointees must not always wait for the government?s annual budget to initiate progressive developmental projects. They must be resourceful. They must have the ability to identify and enhance resources in their domain to support pet projects, health, and education. 

I wonder why Mr. S.A Boafo had to trek down to Detroit, Michigan in the USA last November at the expense of the tax payers to seek assistance for development while there were millions of untapped resources in Kumasi metropolitan that he and his team could have mobilized to support development projects and human development? It beats natural wisdom that Ashanti Regional Ministers present and past and their governments have been reluctant to tap the resources of the region to the advantage of the people.  

Some of these resources do not need huge foreign capital infusion to turn into useful assets. I would like to direct Mr. Boafo?s attention to a very practical way of using good leadership to tap local resources to put to good use to serve the people, which in turn will provide an example to the rest of the regions in the country. I want to take a few minutes of your time to show you how the people of Kumasi or Accra or Koforidua can fund the Elementary and High School education of their residents. 

One-mile square of land allocated for residential housing at 100 feet by 100 feet will yield 2788 plots. A good architect will locate about 788 plots for roads, and other facilities. In the outlaying areas of Kumasi, such as Pankronu, Nyancheriniasi, Tanoso, Kantinkronu, and other places, each plot of land sells for an average of 25 millions cedis, which is about $3000 USA dollars. Not even this government or any past government has had the guts to put in place a mechanism for collecting taxes and other surcharges from the sale of lands. We still go by the insane methods left over from the colonial era and its successive governments. The people of Kumasi or Tamale could have gotten large sums of money to finance education of their children if able leadership were appointed or elected to run these cities. Interestingly, no government has shown its preparedness to demand accountability from these chiefs and landowners. 

From the above, 2000 plots at $3000 USA dollars yields 6 millions USA dollars, that is about 42 billions cedis. Take notice that the whole Ghana JSS schools was allocated only 21 billions cedis which is about 3 millions USA dollars in this year's NPP government budget read in parliament last January. Recognize that this is half of what some dubious chiefs in Kumasi area, Sunyani, Takoradi, Tema, Nsawam, and Accra are pocketing within one or two years from selling or leasing the land that they hold in trust for the people.  

I can sit here and point to several chiefs who have benefited from the people's property in millions of USA dollars without having awarded one scholarship to students in his paramountcy or rehabilitated any of the 40 year-old school buildings in the village. The sad part of this inhumane greed is that in most of the suburbia townships of Ghana, there are few things in abundance: poverty, diseases, illiteracy, starvation, unemployment, and land. Why can no one, or government come up with a plan to use the proceeds from land sales to turn some of these misfortunes around? 


The chiefs must be willing or be made to share the "booty" with the people. The proceeds from the plots sales must be used to develop the city or town and it's people. KMA or AMA or the district assembly must revamp the Plot/Land Registration Procedure immediately to encourage coordinated development and efficient collection of taxes and surcharges on land sales. 


1). The win-win solution much be reached where the chief continues to be custodian of the land.

2). Only the Chief will maintain the power to sell/lease/rent land, and decide what part of his land will be used for such purpose.

3). All land resale/release must be between private parties.

4). After the Chief's decision to rent/lease a piece of the land, the Chief signs only ONE allocation paper to the district/city. Then, the city or district takes over from there.

5). The district Surveyors will survey and demarcate the land per city/district code or ordinance.

6). The District or Metro Assembly publishes designated plots for lease/rent/sale at the District or City Lands Department.

7). All plots potential renters/leaser/buyers go to the District/City Lands Department to buy land.

8). The renter/buyer selects the plot/s and District or City Lands Department Clerk issue Invoice of Payment to the buyer.

9). A buyer goes to Ghana Commercial Bank (example) to pay for the land at a predetermined price, processing fee, taxes, surveyor's fee and registration fees into the account of the city/district.

10. The buyer returns the payment receipt from the bank and the lands clerk issues Temporary Ownership title to the buyer.

11. The city will then process the registration of the title including endorsement from Ga Manste.

12. The buyers return in two weeks for the title to the plot and to apply for a building permit.

13. The buyer attaches the Building Permit Application to his house or factory architectural plan and applies for building permit. The building department issues building permit within ten business days.  

The above process in effect reposes the power to sell/lease/rent land with chiefs. The chiefs are not installed or enstooled to sell lands. The city or district that have the constitutional authority to manage land and building codes must do their job. In fact this avoids all sorts of problems renters/leasers/and buyers encounter in land transactions. This will bring an end to double and quadruple sale of land in Accra and Kumasi with the attendant violence and robbery. This solves the situation house are put up in storm water drainage ways causing perennial floods in Accra because AMA will not demarcate that part of land for residential development.


This is where all past governments have failed and the NPP government under Mr. John Agyenkum Kuffour risks failing the children of our country if they are not corrected. Many of us believe that this is where the supplementary funding for elementary education must come from. I am very much afraid that if the trend in the lack of leadership in some of the ministries, and the lack of will on the part of our ministers to make decisions are not reversed, this government stands the risk of becoming just like any of the bogus governments in Africa. 

The part of the money paid into the city or district bank accounts will be credited into the account of all shareholders at predetermined percentages. Below is my personal proposal: 



RECEIPIENT ??????????????????????????????????? PERCENTAGE EXAMPLE (25 M cedis) 

1. Village/Town/city where the land???????????????????????????????????????? 40% 10M cedis

2. Chief who initiated the sales    ??????????????????????????????????????????? 20% 5.0M cedis

4. Paramount Chief of the Area    ?????????????????????????????????????????? 10% 2.5M cedis

5. Manhyia/ Ga Mantse/King/ Paramount Chief    ?????????????????? 10% 2.5M cedis

6. District Assembly      ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 10% 2.5M cedis

7. Hohoe or Yendi Education or Development Fund    10% 2.5Mcedis 


In effect a plot valued at 25M cedis will be quoted for sale at approximately 26M cedis that breaks down as follows: 

Plot Value:    ????????????????????????????????????? 25.0 M cedis ????????????? - distributed as shown above

Demarcation and Surveying:  ?? 0.2 M cedis???????????????? - to the city/district assembly

Processing Fee   ???????????????????????????????? 0.2 M cedis???????????????? - to the city/district assembly

Title and Registration Fee  ????????????????? 0.3 M cedis ??????????????? - to the city or district assembly

Taxes and Government Fees  ? 0.3 M cedis???????????????? - to Ghana government 

Total: 26.0 M Cedis 

The city or town/village unit committee will manage 40% of the proceeds from land lease and this goes to the city or town/village where the property is located. This could be used for building new classroom blocks for the local school, housing for local teachers, incentives for students to pursue higher education, clinics or health post, provide library or computer facilities for local children or whatever the village deemed necessary

You see it is not hard to generate money from within Ghana. Off course those percentages and divisions are subject to the decision makers, negotiations, and what JAK's castle think is appropriate.

The fact is that Ghana cannot get the money to build and revamp schools and provide facilities for learning. We have to look from within. There is nothing within our villages and towns other than the plots/lands. The unfortunate aspect is that only a few selfish and corrupt individuals are squandering the future of our children in broad daylight. No one, and I mean no one has the guts or the wisdom to fight for our children. The results are what we see in Ghana.? A good government uses the natural and human resources to develop her citizens and improve their standard of living. Ghana has had many useless leaders who have wasted the precious years and lives of her citizens. Enormous challenges are placed on NPP government as a result of 20 years of a bankrupt NDC administration. The government needs to make a break with the past and diligently bring hope to the people.

Next time I will demand an answer from the trade minister Dr. Apraku as to why there are over 500,000 people roaming around at Tema Harbor like chicken without heads. Our dear PhD Trade minister could explain to Ghanaians the harm that such a mass of people loitering around the harbor does to the nation. He may want to simply multiply 500,000 by 7000 cedis per laborer for each day at the harbor and tell the whole world why nothing has been done about it after 15 months in office.

The President and his team at the castle must realize how illogical it is forming committees each time there is a crisis, and the financial loses it causes the state. What do those engineers at AMA do and why should the government form a new committee on Accra flood while there is civil, mechanical, surveyor, geodetic, and environmental


The Attorney General?s Office must rush through the parliament all the necessary bills to implement and enforce people- and community-friendly laws to bring sanity into the shameful and irresponsible land tenure system existing in Ghana?s law books today. You cannot expect Ghana to develop its human resources with the current land tenure system that makes chiefs and their agents unaccountable to the people. Our dead or dumb local district prosecutors must seek the enforcement of the law against dubious chiefs, Odikros, and their agents.


Many on the anti-federalism front will rave and rant that there is an urgent need for parliament to pass laws that will allow cities, villages, towns, and districts to seek loans from private banks with government guarantee for development project. As long as the city or village can demonstrate that they can make their monthly payments and pay off the loan, NPP government must remove all impediments in their way to development. There must be a bill in parliament before the end of this year, 2002, to encourage self- help and self-financed projects. Let me demonstrate this with an example. City of Nkwakwa in Eastern Region or Yamfo in Brong Ahafo Region needs to build a Computer facility, and Library for the children in the city. The benefits and impact on the city for the next 30 years will be phenomenal. By the current method, they may have to wait and convince the central or district government to pay for the project. Or levy taxes on over taxed residents to build the facility. Many of us know that this will not happen in the next ten years or more. No village or city needs could be met by central government. Should the City of Nkawkaw wait until thy kingdom cometh, and deny her citizens the right to better education or added advantage for competition? Or wait until one of the citizen become so rich that he will donate and build the facility? Or go "abegging" at ablotcheri for development? Absolutely not! So far as the city can demonstrate that by increasing market and car park toll from 800 to 1000 cedis a day, they can bag 15 million cedis to make monthly payments. The proceeds can be permanently earmarked to make monthly payments on several hundred millions cedis ($100,000 USD) loan for the next 15 years to be used for the needed facility. NPP government must encourage innovative ways for our people to develop themselves.

I sincerely believe that there are many people out there who have faith in NPP government and are willing to do what it takes to make this administration a success. These people believe that this administration is not doing enough because of many non-contributing ministers and appointees. My suggestion is appointing people who are willing to reform their ministry to be public service orientated. These ministers must have the gut to take on the dead wood principal secretaries and their cronies who have stood in the way of reforms. Please believe that in any situation there are better ways of doing things. It is better to be able to clear good at Tema harbour within 24 hours of the it arrival than the current bogus system that required several days, hassle, harassment, and frustration.

Fortunately, I have many of these solutions that I am prepared to share with any body with the authority to reform our system. I am prepared to fly to Saltpond or Sefwi at my own expense anytime my services are required. I will end this piece by calling NPP government to back to the basis, the fundamentals of the reasons why our country and systems are failures Thank you for your time. GOD BLESS MY HOMELAND GHANA.

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