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Opinions of Thursday, 19 September 2013

Columnist: Owusu-Boadi, Michael

Open Letter to NPP

Open Letter to The National Executives and party stalwarts of The New Patriotic Party

As a member of the great New Patriotic Party, I am extremely disappointed that some of the executives of our great party will act in a manner that causes problem for our party and divide us to the core. It is sad to note that most of you have not been the unifiers you promised to be during our last delegates’ congress. Some of your utterances and actions strip the grassroots of all its representative power.
It is sad to know that most of you are intentionally acting in a way you know has a potential to jeopardize the unity of our party. I sincerely think your duties as party executives and functionaries are not to cause problems but to mend broken ties.
I am lost as to why some of you would want to throw your weight behind one candidate to the disadvantage of others. How do you expect our party to unite and be battle-ready for future elections? How would you have felt when you were treated the same way when vying for your current positions? How do you want those whom you are telling plainly you do not like to get along with your preferred candidate should he win? Do you sincerely think we can win election 2016 this way?
Unlike some of you I am a member of NPP and not a member of a faction. I strongly believe the party is superior to any of your preferred candidates. We are members and supporters of the great NPP and not Nana Addo or Alan or any other person. It is very hurtful to say, but I still have on my mind the dedication with which the NDC united to build the so called “New NDC” but for us no!! We are deepening our differences and rivalry.
But here’s the thing: Most Ghanaians are looking at us; they are watching how we present a united front to rescue our nation. There is the need to work as a team, to do all we can to shift the spotlight from John Mahama and push away virtually all independent voters from the NDC. But divisiveness is surely not the way to get this done.
If you the elected executives and stalwarts of our beloved party continue to behave this way then we would be looking at more years of Mahama’s woeful economic policies, more years of a polarized nation, more years of being served by incompetent and inexperience people, an unprecedented power shift to the executive and unwarranted corruption against our Ghana.
It seems, gentlemen, it’s time to get off the bench and into the game. It is time to make the case for winning back power, it’s time to present an attractive NPP to centrist voters that can be translated into a reform agenda. If the New Patriotic Party becomes a movement of anti-democracy and purposefully sidelining other party members it will cease to be a force in Ghanaian politics, and if some of the executives and party stalwarts continue to be egomaniac whose personal advancement takes precedence over any principle, the NPP will be “correctly” mocked.
During a time that should ring of unity, you have put the NPP at a crossroads. If we want to win the 2016 election and future elections, then now is our opportunity to prove it. The party’s executives should present themselves as capable leaders who has what it takes to unite the party, and better yet, pull this insulting attempt to disenfranchise the heart and soul of our New Patriotic Party, after all you were not elected just so you could have your way! If your desire is to win elections for the NPP, then I strongly suggest that you present yourselves as conduit for party building and not party destruction.


Michael Owusu-Boadi
Chandler, Arizona