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Opinions of Friday, 22 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Open Letter to Ghanaians

Dear Compatriots,

Good morning to you all from the land of Long John Silver, the country where wisdom and intelligence abound.

My attention has been drawn to the Committee appointed by the Chief Justice, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood, to investigate the leaked tape of the secretly recorded conversations and gossips by Hon. Victoria Hammah. She is the recently sacked Deputy Communications Minister in President Mahama’s government.

Many of you have come out expressing your varied views following the announcement of the instituted Committee. As some of you, including me, agree with the formation of the Committee to probe the allegation, others see it as a complete waste of time and resources.

I pray we allow each one to hold on to their opinion, whether good or bad. “Opinions are like noses, everybody has got one”. As some noses may beautify faces, others may deform them due to how ugly the noses are. Similarly, some opinions may tell how low-minded or intelligent some people are.

You can take away one’s life but no matter what you do, you cannot take away one’s opinion. The person will live with it onto death. That is how strong and permanent opinions can be.

When the Supreme Court declared their verdict on Election 2012, many a discerning Ghanaian including Rockson Adofo, the author of this letter, disagreed with them. The judgment was found travestied as it was way off on tangent of truth. The judgment did not only seem to rubbish the very Constitutional clauses and Electoral laws regulating public elections in the country but sought to encourage and assign credibility to electoral irregularities in Ghana.

I do not have to reproduce the verdict here as most of you might have followed the court proceedings live on airwaves. Dr Afari Gyan redefined over-voting when in the witness box. That definition was contrary to what was agreed before and during the elections. Justice Atuguba, in his verdict statement, did give credence to Afari Gyan’s rigging- intent redefinition of over-voting.

Justices Atuguba and Akoto-Bamfo did not see the relevance of biometric verification machines after such a huge investment of capital outlay to ensure the riddance of multiple voting from Ghana public elections.

Therefore, with all the suspicion bandying to and fro, it is only right that the Chief Justice investigates the “Vikileak” tapes to put the records straight. There is the slightest truth in every rumour, so the wise man says.

Do not condemn the Chief Justice for instituting the probe into the tape whether the conversations were recorded with, or without, the knowledge or consent of Hon. Victoria Hammah, the USA$1 Million seeker.

You cannot mock GOD and get away without being bruised. You cannot make GOD a liar without being disgraced in the end. Whoever cruises for bruising will indeed be bruised!

God is working wonders to reveal what really went on during Election 2012 and the delivery of verdict by the Supreme Court.

Fellow Ghanaians, take note that THE BATTLE IS STILL THE LORD’S and GOD is winning the battle and the war for Ghana.

I invite Kofi Basoah, Julie, Sam, Kwaku Burger, Kwaku Osei,Yaw Gyimah and Kwasi Ketewa of Juaben and Asiampa as well as Lucy, alias Cash woman in France, to cogitate about the content of this letter to Ghanaians.

Whether the Elections were rigged or not, whether Vikileaky tapes were recorded with Victoria Hammah’s consent or not, the contents of the tape(s) MUST be probed. Whoever does not agree with me is entitled to their opinion.

Rockson Adofo