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Opinions of Thursday, 13 December 2007

Columnist: Kyei-Nimakoh, Janus

Open Letter To The President

I would like you to help me publish an open letter to the President of Ghana for urgent consideration by sector minister concerned. My letter is very brief and to the point. I one of your frequent website visitors.

I Janus Kyei-Nimakoh, wish to make an proposal for consideration by your office(President A. Kuffour). In order to facilitate the growth of business epecially in the e-commerce area for instance and other door-to-door services in Ghana. I strongly urge the Government of Ghana to back the initiative to have and implement 1. a house/door-to-door address system as it pertains in the U.K. and other developed economies. The attendant benefits to the economy in the long run would be very great. Several business ideas fail to take off because of the lack of such a reliable door-to-door address system.I do not have the figures to back it though.

Another 2. initiative for consideration is a reliable database for credit checking/scoring process for potential customers in Ghana.

I look forward to hear from you regarding the issue I have raised.

Best regards,


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