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Opinions of Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Columnist: Poku, Kojo

Open Letter To Sasabonsam Satan

Dear Dr. Satan
Lately, I keep hearing on the streets of Accra that ?Ghana is a living hell?, so who better to ask if it?s reasonable to compare a fledging democracy like ours to your 'hell hole' than you, the president of the 'real hell' himself.

Our president ? Wofa ?Per Diem? JAK - just left 'our hell' for two weeks, because of a 1-day cocoa dinner - labeled as a Cocoa conference to make it sound important. Why does he not simply tell us he?s taking a 2-week summer vacation? What will his next trip be for? A tour of Iran?s nuclear facilities? I hope he visits Fallujah or Kanadahar and stay there for good.

Abonsam, do you ever leave "your hell? on autopilot for 2 weeks, just for the sake of collecting $3000 per diem a day?

According to a survey released by the PewGhana Center, 85% of Ghanaian adults say they would move to Europe or USA if they could. Your hell will easily hit the 99.9999% mark, but then who will want to burn in an eternal fire? Our figure is rather shocking considering our president said 'our hell' remains one of the most promising states in all of West Africa. Make me go Hmmmmm?.

Satan, how is your justice system, that is, if you even have one? We are supposed to have one but it only prosecutes and convicts non-government & non-NPP officials. Can you believe this; Minister Edumadze's trial went on for 3 years and was only found guilty when he was fired from his post. Imagine if Eric Amoateng was arrested in Ghana?

Abonsam, we sold our presidential jet under the same circumstances that we bought it -very dubious and non-transparent. I suppose in ?your hell? you need not be transparent since you?re an absolute ruler. Hmmm? this makes me wonder if our hells are the same.

By the way, do you have any ministers? We have ministers for almost everything imaginable. The other day, the one for aviation was trying to tell us a department under the transportation ministry could not handle her work. She thinks we are fools. We still have 2-3 deputies for each ministry. Imagine what they do, if even their own bosses think their job description is ?giving worthless speeches?. I will suggest in the next reshuffle we get a ministry for hell, which will be responsible for sending corrupt minister directly to you. Guess who will be the boss. Yours Truly ;)

Abonsam, Ghanaians are suffocating and cannot bear the harsh economic measures. We hear of ?good governance?, ?economic stability?, and ?rule of law? but we at the bottom of the chain don?t see the results. All we see is corruption, pomposity and disrespect for we the people. For the next one month we will forget the pain as we watch and pray (not to you though) for our dear black stars.

Satan, I will sign off here, but remember to pray for us ?.. no no no please please please don?t ?. We will pray ourselves

Greetings to Hitler and turn off the heat for them small

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