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Opinions of Thursday, 25 November 2010

Columnist: Keyeke, Kofi

Open Letter To President Atta Mills



His Excellency John Evans Atta Mills,

Good morning Mr. President. How are you doing this morning? I believe you are feeling stronger than ever and going about your duties as my head of state. I know you have a lot of issues to tackle as far as shaping the country is concern.
Therefore in order not to distract your attention today, I will like to go straight to the point so that you will accept my complaint and consider instructing your able minister to quickly take action to resolve a problem coming.
Mr. President, it would be a welcome news to you that many of your subjects have accepted the challenge to strive to develop in terms of working for salary to live a responsible life to add colour to your better Ghana agenda.
However their aim of getting themselves in employment so that they can live a responsible life are being dashed by maltreatment meted out to them by their employers in terms of sexual harassments, undue delays in payment of salaries and threats of dismissals without reasons.
His Excellency, a typical example is what is currently going on at T AND J Hospital at Adabraka Ajdaben where several workers have threatened to resign in their numbers because of undue delays in payment of salaries covering two solid months.
As reporting to you now, workers there are not sure when their October salaries are going to be paid meanwhile November is almost ended so if October has not been paid then when will November be paid and that of the Christmas month December?
Mr. President, it will interest you to know that anytime a whistling bird whisper to the media to investigate, the proprietress Mrs. Doris Dzabatey, describes journalists investigating the story as evil men in her premises and brings pastors to pray and sanctify the premises from sin as she descends heavily on innocent workers with threats of dismissal for going to the press.
Sir, it will interest you to know how difficult these hard working men and women are struggling to find money to pay for their transportation everyday to go and work to safe dying patients at the hospital on to suffer undue delays in payment of their monthly salaries.
Harry and help Mr. President, workers at T AND J Hospital are crying to you for help. Their last hope is your intervention otherwise able men and women in that health institution will have no other decision either than to resign leaving those sick patients at the hospital to their fate. They are counting on your intervention Sir.
I know you listen and act swiftly so you will not let trouble strike before intervening on their behalf.
Thanks for the opportunity to lodge complain before you for an action.
Hope to feel your intervention by seeing smiles on the faces of the workers soon.
Yours truly,