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Open Letter To H.E J.A.Kufuor
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Opinions of Friday, 14 August 2009

Columnist: Hagan, Edith

Open Letter To H.E J.A.Kufuor

In writing this article, I am fully aware of the interpretations and misrepresentations it could come along with. However, I choose to put this down because I have no shred of doubt that if the New Patriotic Party does the right things, the NPP would have the easiest of tasks defeating the already failed NDC. Again I believe that the time couldn’t be more opportune to tell some hard truths to the Party, its membership and in particular some individuals within the Party.

With the content to follow, I know that I would quickly be labeled as Pro-Nana or Anti- Kufuor/Alan K as has come to be associated with anyone who criticizes the Former President on his conduct within the Party for some time now. Such a labeling would however be farthest from the truth; I was a strong member of the Youth Alliance of Ghana (YAG), a pro Alan group prior to the December 2007 congress and indeed someone who would not hesitate to support Alan again should he decide to vie again for the flagbearership. Nevertheless, I am also someone who believes that the right things need to be done and that all our actions within the Party should serve the supreme interest of the Party and not the interests of any individual or Group.

I am putting this piece out because I believe Ex-President Kufuor needs some well timed advice on his conduct within the Party before it is too late. As you read, many within the Party see the Ex-President Kufuor as a major obstacle to the Party’s progress and unity. This view has been reinforced by the persistent actions and inactions of the Ex-President especially while he was in power and the few months after his hand over and I believe it is time kufuor stops these actions to prevent the view of him being a stumbling block from being solidified.

Specifically speaking, I am aware of moves by the Ex-President to bring in place a so called compromise chairman of the Party by trying to rally around his perceived enemies within the Party. This I believe is a move that must be stopped immediately for the cohesion of the Party to be maintained or even strengthened. No matter how good intentioned Kufuor is, I know that he would not agree to any compromise chairman unless that individual is one the EX-President can control and I do know that any such compromise chairman would be at the beck and call of the Ex-President. This scenario would obviously be disastrous for the Party’s unity and cohesion as the Party Chairman would have very little free will to operate. Even if the Party chairman gains the free will to operate, it should be obvious that his/her actions would always be misconstrued as suiting the wishes of the Ex-President. Again obviously, these are situations that would not in the least augur well for the Party at such a critical time. So Mr. Kufuor please re-think your moves and allow the democratic procedures within the Party to run smoothly because members of the NPP are very discerning to know the right leaders to choose.

Another move I believe the Ex-President should stop is those that are meant at blocking the proposed constitutional amendments at the next Party Congress. I am very conscious of attempts led by the Ex-president to particularly block the intended amendment that would massively enlarge the Electoral Colleges for the election of various officers of the Party especially the Flagbearer. For me this would be of great disservice to the Ex-President’s image. The Ex-president is someone known for his democratic credentials and for him to lead attempts at preventing the broadening and deepening of democracy within his own Party would tell a totally different story. The proposed amendments which seeks to allow Polling station executives a huge say in who leads them as well as giving more power to the special organs of the Party could not have come at a better time and I know that the framers of the constitution should have long noticed the need for amendments especially after the ugly prelude to the December 2007 congress due to the ease in corrupting the status quo. The Ex-President of all people should know that these amendments are in the supreme interests of the Party as it would also keep the grassroots of the party more vibrant and also ensure that potential office seekers work extremely hard at all levels of the Party especially at the grassroots. Aside all these, these amendments would also ensure that only true blue party men fill all positions from the Polling Station level to the National offices.

As a result of the power that these amend ments would give to the grassroots, so much interest has been garnered at these levels and the Party stands the misfortune of a huge revolt should the hopes of the grassroots be quashed especially if it becomes obvious that they were quashed as a consequence of the selfish ambitions of a few. Those few no matter how powerful would never be forgiven. A revolt by the grassroots would clearly not augur well for the Party’s chances in 2012. Everyone in the Party should bear in mind that no one would be forgiven if through their actions and inactions the Party should fail to win at the 2012 polls. We can’t suffer for another 4years in opposition after 2012. I am sure that the Ex-President would take cognizance of these few words and appropriately take my advice. Now I direct my attention to the Party, without fear or favor the best advice my small head could give to the Party after our eight years in power is for the Party not to allow itself to be put at the periphery of resources and attention again. The Party should be at the centre of all resources and attention always but especially while we are in power as happens in all advanced democracies. The system where all attention is directed to the Presidency which in turn directs what should go to the Party should never again be repeated. What happened during the tenure of President Kufuor and his chief of staff Kwadwo Mpiani should serve as a bitter lesson.

The Party should also not allow any individual or group to buy the Party’s conscience and will no matter the level of resources they can command. Two sentences would end my article- first, please act as a statesman, Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor and stay out of the main fray of politicking within the Party so that you can protect your image and save yourself from attacks that may spring up if you engage yourself in it. Second, please members of the NPP lets all contribute to build a strong party which is out of the control of any individual or group and let’s ensure that victory 2012 becomes an easy reality. Edith Hagan Cape coast edithhagan2002@yahoo.co.uk

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