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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Only Ashanti Region is on NHIS Capitation…?

Is it out of Pure Malevolence that Only Ashanti Region is on NHIS Capitation…?

?The late President Mills in his tentative wildest dream to improve upon the NHIS and the health needs of Ghanaians came up with national healthcare capitation.

?His NDC government decided to give what was intended to become a national healthcare pilot scheme a trial first in the Ashanti region. When it succeeds, it will be enrolled throughout all the entire ten regions in Ghana. For over two years now, without much success, the scheme is still in operation but only in the Ashanti region, the most populous region among the entire ten regions in Ghana.?Before proceeding any further, let me explain what Healthcare Capitation is.

"Capitation is a payment arrangement for health care service providers such as physicians or nurse practitioners. It pays a physician or group of physicians a set amount for each enrolled person assigned to them, per period of time, whether or not that person seeks care. These providers generally are contracted with a type of health maintenance organization (HMO) known as an independent practice association (IPA), which enlists the providers to care for HMO-enrolled patients.

The amount of remuneration is based on the average expected health care utilization of that patient, with greater payment for patients with significant medical history. Rates are also affected by age, race, sex, type of employment, and geographical location, as these factors typically influence the cost of providing care"?The HMO in the definition will be NHIS when explaining it in the context of Ghana.?Before the introduction of the scheme, some medical experts did criticise it as though being feasible, it would not work successfully. The money the government was prepared to pay on each registered patient was too little that the hospitals, private medical practitioners and clinics were not ready to accept the offer.

The offer would not commensurate with the services to be rendered.?However, as obstinate as the NDC government is, as well as harbouring ill-sentiments towards the Ashantis, it implemented the policy regardless. Since its implementation two years ago, many patients in Ashanti region have died and continue to die of preventable diseases. They do not receive the level of needed medical attention and treatment because the capitation is not enough for them to be accorded any proper healthcare. Additionally, some doctors and clinics do not accept NHIS Capitation-enrolled patients.?Why has the capitation not been enrolled throughout Ghana if it was good and has succeeded as hypocritically ignorantly claimed by the NDC rogues in government? Anything on trial is normally restricted to a small area and done on a small scale but not on a larger scale as we are witnessing in this instance – NHIS Ashanti.

?The NDC as a political party and government has diabolical plan or hatred towards the Ashantis for purely infantile,if not for jealous reasons. This assertion I have just made will be a complete topic for deliberation in my future publication.?There is no Ashanti region leader, be he or she a public or traditional leader,able to speak up against the malevolence of the NDC towards their people. Most of the leaders are selfish, good-for-nothing,and are only interested in pursuing their insatiable individualistic greed. When they need periodical medical examinations, they fly to South Africa, Europe or America. When they are sick, they seek treatment outside the country. How will one then expect them to give a hoot about our local medical needs??Is it the reason why our Ashanti so-called paramount chiefs have kept their silence over the intentional infliction of death to their people through the mischievous NDC NHIS capitation in place only in the Ashanti region?

I shall come after these traditional leaders who are only interested in poking their long smelly nose into the affairs of other traditional council areas, as corrupt and equally rogues as they are. ?If the NHIS healthcare capitation is good for the Ashantis, then let it be seen to be enrolled throughout the country. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. What is not good for the other regions should also not be good for the Ashantis, this is my opinion.?I am gradually coming back to be a force to reckon with as news website columnist and a Ghanaian defender of the voiceless. I know how much my fans do miss me all because of being poorly for many weeks now.?