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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Columnist: Adomako-Gyimah, Julian

One Ghana, One Voice

This is the time to go as far as the NPP is concerned and Ghanaians can confidently give account of what they are capable of doing. If there was any justice in the world..? Surely dishonest people who have no clue about leadership wouldn't have found themselves as leaders in Ghana if there was any justice in the world but it is unfortunate that such people find themselves in the helm of affairs and only cause suffering amongst societies across Africa and elsewhere.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere as Martin Luther King of blessed memory outlined. But if this is true, then I wonder why there are so many thieves in the helm of affairs across Africa whilst the international community look on and sit on the fence. What is good for the goose I reckon is good for the gander so how come President Kuffour is only enriching his family and comrades and splashing money on Alan Kyeremanteng's campaign (whilst thousands die of poverty) without any action from the international community? People like Mugabe (such a great and exemplary leader) should be left alone if people like Kuffour are being allowed to commit so many human right abuses thus leading to abject poverty in several communities across Ghana and a massive rise in the unemployment and the cost of living without any logical increase in remunerations?

If only there was justice, Nana Ama Kuffour's name wouldn't have come up as far as the Accra shopping mall is concerned and I really want to know which political powerhouse is behind companies such as Fairllop, GIA, African Regency Hotel, Trassaco, Michelleti etc and where did they get the money from at all? *I* *am no politician but a bloody writer* who feels for the poor and speak for the less fortunate and people who have been used and abused for so long by dishonest politicians over the years. To the so called Economists in government, can't you find a way of making the government absorb increases in the price of crude oil instead of passing on these costs to the populace? If only you could advise the President and his comrades to minimize their corrupt actions and cut down on the money they spend on bloody girls young enough to be their daughters and their lavish lifestyles, you could do this I guess.

Surely, Kuffour has every right to proclaim his era as the golden age of business as it has given his family and friends the opportunity to amass wealth in the name of dubious contracts and deals to the detriment of the citizenry. At least, his son was able to "buy" African Regency Hotel and several of his family members are richer than they were some few years ago all in name of the "Golden Age of Business". Posterity will however catch up on all these dishonest deals and purchases. Kuffour's close friends would confirm how happy he is to be President and hence the massive rise in corruption as he's only interested in being President (to satisfy his ego) and not in the people or what goes on under his leadership.

He is more interested in enriching foreigners than Ghanaians hence the ease with which bloody foreigners can get contracts and financing from local banks to the detriment of indigenous businesses.

He takes delight in killing local businesses with high tax obligations and gives inefficient foreign businesses such as MTN tax exemptions for several years. What a good manager he is? No wonder he cannot boast of any successful management experience. Asante Kotoko suffered in his hands and likewise the brick factory that he set up all because of his bad management skills. If only there was justice in the world, there is no way such a person could have been given the topmost management job of becoming a President.

Rawlings was not that bad apart from his death penalty sagas come to think of it. He never amassed half of the wealth that Kuffour and his comrades are amassing today all in the name of democracy and the rule of law which is nothing but an imaginary reality. The present government, which seems to have the highest number of people with so many academic laurels, has confirmed the theory that, secular education doesn't necessary make a person an achiever. It is such as shame that these so many "academic illiterates" that we find in government today are conniving with other beasts to steal the tax payers money instead of coming up with innovative ways of making the lives of the citizenry better. These academic illiterates are surely making mockery of the intelligentsia around the globe.

In as much as I am not a politician but an objective writer, I can see that, this is the time for the NPP and the several dishonest people associated with it to go and Ghanaians have at least had a taste of what bad governance and politricks is all about. People like Alan Kyeremanteng have become rich overnight all in the name of corruption and service to the ineffective Kuffour and the jails around the world are patiently beckoning at him not forgetting his boss. But Alas! There is no justice in the world.

What happened to all the declarations that were made in Manor Park, London during the outdooring of the NPP Manifesto Mr. Kuffour? I really feel bad for being at the particular church hall on that fateful day to listen to what the NPP had for the numerous Ghanaians who were calling for a change having tasted 19 odd years rule of Mr. Rawlings. Little did we know that, the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.

Whoever wins the NPP's presidential slot will make no impact come 2008 as Ghanaians are good enough to see a good thing when they see one. What is happening in Nigeria today (thanks to the honest President Yar'adua) can happen in Ghana soon and elections can be nullified and new people sworn into office whilst thieves in politics can find themselves behind bars.

A word to the wise is enough and I guess our people have suffered enough in your hands Kuffour and his NPP government. I know that all politicians speak the *language of lies* hence I leave the political game and decision on which party is better to Ghanaians who are interested but one thing I can confidently predict is the end of the NPP come 2008. God bless Ghana and God bless Africa

-- Julian Adomako-Gyimah
Author, Smile Africa and Recall