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Opinions of Saturday, 6 June 2009

Columnist: Agbevo, Michael

Okudjeto's Nonsense


Even though it might been with a very good intent to allow the youth the opportunity to show case the potential in the governance of this country, it is now glaring and quite obvious that Professor Mill’s mediocre appointment of immature brains such as Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa remains the greatest mistake that could have ever been committed. This 28 years old certificate less Deputy minister, since his appointment has not spoken any sense whatsoever and has invariably turn out to become a great disappointment to the youth of this country and indeed an apology of a Deputy minister of state.

The most recent display of his naivety, senselessness, and immaturity was on Tuesday, 26th march, 2009 when in rapid reaction to the issues raised by Nana Akuffo Addo he referred to him as irresponsible and a serial caller. What surprised me most was that this deputy minister of a sought could not even properly respond to a single issue raise by the NPP flagbearer. Rather he kept on busying himself ranting on events that happened seven years ago. He accused Nana of whipping up tension in the country especially in Dagbon and further also using the press meeting as an avenue to satisfy his selfish ambition.

Arguably, as amateurish as Okudjeto is, he has forgotten that he is not the authority to determine when and on which platform Nana should speak and so whether he used the press meeting as a platform to satisfy his personal ambitions or not, it is simply not the business of Okudjeto and his NDC government. Let me also state emphatically that, if we are to uncover the events of the past now, it will be virtually difficult if not impossible for these NDC compatriots to raise their heads. The NDC under Rawlings did worse.

Okudjeto should be reminded of the ‘KUMI PREKO’ when students on a peaceful demonstration were shot down by armed men from the castle without a single soul tried for the lives lost. He should be reminded of the identification haircut at the castle, the gruesome murder of Nana Drobo, the driver who crossed the convoy of Rawlings on the Accra- Tema motorway and the thousands of lives that were lost as a result of political intimidation under the P(NDC) days. We are totally fed up with their impertinent rhyme of the death of the Yaa Naa and forty others. Was it not the case that some suspects were arrested and that those hurling acquisitions on the air could not testify against them in the law court? Okudjeto and the NDC should give as a break. They should spare our ears of all these nonsense. They are even to be blamed for working against the restoration of peace in Dagbon after years of politicizing and making a fuss out of the death of the overlord of Dagbon. They must bow their heads in shame for the recent disruptions of the roadmap to peace in Dagbon by allowing one faction access to the old Gbewa Palace contrary to the dictates of the committee of eminent chiefs.

Anyway, I don’t blame Okudjeto Ablakwa that much. I blame the one who led the lobby for his appointment and ultimately President Mills. Such irresponsible and senseless talk is bound to happen only when we have a government who instead of tackling bread and butter issues, is seriously engage in cars seizure, political treats and intimidations and toilet grabbing.

As for that loud mouthed but empty headed Deputy Minister of Information his time shall surely come. He simply sounds so immatured in his talk. Infact he is a disgrace to the youth in Ghana’s politics. He is too naïve and hasn’t been able to make a single constructive criticism ever since he was offered the post. He has no flair as a politician and only speaks for speaking sake. Somebody must call this young lad to order. He is simply fooling and can not be watched undirected. Immaturity is his biggest problem. He simply knows second to nothing. I wonder why with all the brilliant young men in the NDC, professor Mills selected this old junk who couldn’t stand the test of time as NUGS president as Deputy minister for Information. Those of us who knew him during his days as NUGS president until his removal from office are aware of his senseless talk and so these come as no surprise at all. If indeed President Mills who claims to be humble and an “asomdwee hene” has foresight then I am quite sure that he should have foreseen Okudjeto’s emptiness in thought and probably begin to give a second thought at his nomination. Foolish people must be told sense in a foolish manner for it is the only language that they best understand. That immature and senseless deputy minister of information must be told to watch his words carefully. He must be made to understand that he is being paid with the tax payers money and not from the NDC’s party coffers. 2012 is just around the corner and Ghanaians will definitely know the best hand to entrust their destiny. A word to the wise ……

Michael Agbevo