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Opinions of Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Columnist: Ohenenana Obonto Krow

Ohenenana's weekly letter to the President

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Greetings Mr President,

Senior, I suspended the weekly letter to you because of the Easter festivities. I had to rest the fingers for senior to enjoy the easter uninterrupted.

Mr President, there is a sense in which the public,though sceptical and difficult to please, want the President to be a man they can admire,a man who will rise above small change of partisan conflict, who will conspicuously avoid the failings usually attributed to politicians.After elections, the leader elected must be seen as the father of the nation, and he must also strive to bring all citizens under his wings without looking at their ideological inclinations. This notwithstanding, the usual close affiliation which exist between leadership and party folks shouldn't be buried but must be handled with dexterity and circumspection to avoid unnecessary tensions and frictions.

Mr President, let me commend you for responding promptly to some of the requests I placed before you in my last letter especially, my call on you to personally condemn the vigilantism phenomenon,and to assure the nation of your commitment to wipe off this canker.I still have issues with how the whole issue is being handled especially,negative utterances by some leaders of the ruling party which undermine the assurance you gave the nation.Recent happenings in the country are creating doubts in the minds of many as to whether you will sincerely live by your assurance. The acts of disrespect for people's inalienable right with impunity and brevity,is gradually introducing into our body politic a phenomenon where others decide laws to follow impeding dissent and harassing people who disagree with them on common national issues.My fear is that if this primitive trend is allow to fester, if people are forced to do something so monstrous that their conscience rebels, they will resort to relying on their rebellious conscience.We should not grant unlimited space to these fringes for them to feel a superior obligation to disobey our laws.I don't think utterances by hardliners on your side will help your administration,the emerging tension in the country should not be watched with coloured political eyes to escalate.

Mr President, this was the message I received from Nii Lantey Vanderpuye a legislator when a team of armed security personnel without search warrant, invaded his home in his absence???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? "The NPP guys and BNI are in my house at Aplaku to seize supposed Government vehicles. My wife is resisting entry without warrant. Two of their vehicles left to secure warrant while one still in front of the house."

Mr President, I don't think this is what you fought for, years ago,this is not what you championed on BBC when you constantly spoke on Robin Whyte's BBC Focus on Africa.I don't think using party apparatchiks and fanatics as task force personnel for such serious national assignment is the best,it is unacceptable and primitive and has the potential of creating serious crisis.Why should the wife and kids of the legislator go through that psychological trauma,why should the personnel invade the place without search warrant.Your stature as an astute lawyer must be protected and must be guided to remain intact,activities of fringes and extremists must not entertained to dent your hard won reputation. In this age of technological advancement I don't think we still need five to ten trucks of armed security personnel in an operation like this the very outmoded and inhuman approach you vehemently spoke against during the military era.I am not against retrieval of vehicles and other properties unlawfully being kept by former officials of state but the approach is what I deem inappropriate and untidy.Let me respectfully remind you of what Van den Haag the great philosopher said in one of his thesis ; "In a tyranny, civil disobedience is justifiable for a democrat"

Mr President another worrying development is the harassment of some businessmen because of their perceived affiliation to the NDC.On the very day you met the former Presidents,a brother of one of them Ibrahim Mahama suffered serious psychological torment in the hands of some EOCO operatives. Apart from your successes in the legal business, you were a successful businessman so knows what business magnates in this country go through.Hear again let me make it clear I fully support actions the state will take to retrieve monies due Ghanaians but will always stand up against use of unconventional and primitive procedures when embarking on such operations.You don't just level allegations (against) on people just to appease party fanatics and government officials without supporting such serious allegations with evidential materials.In view of the serious manner in which the law regards fraud,charges of fraud should not be made in any legal proceedings or investigations except after the most careful consideration. I am sure you've listened to the interview the GRA commissioner granted on Joy FM and with your vast understanding of the law,I am unworthy to interpret the content here. The only possible and immediate deduction on can make scrutinizing the content of that interview is that,mischievous hands are behind what EOCO has assigned itself to do.

Mr President, our bane from 1992 and the reason for the massive borrowing and the unstable interest rate,inflation and strength of our currency, is our over dependence on foreign goods and technology.In your inaugural speech and subsequent speeches, you reiterate your government's desire to see the private sector thrive so why this primitive witch hunt. I don't think it is legally right for a state institution like EOCO to act upon the orders of political fringes.Image and reputation in business locally and internationally is paramount to all actors in the game so allowing these agencies to succumb to the whims and caprices of some extremists on your side who see the change in government as time to exhibit their vindictive tendencies, can create serious problems for the system. A kindergarten child would be able to tell you why Ibrahim is going through this needless torment. I am not calling for Prof's father for all concept no,I am appealing to you to supervise with assertiveness strict application of our laws and to accord our state institutions the needed freedom to operate. Apparatchiks of the party shouldn't be allowed to bastardize our state institutions in the name of regime change.

Mr President, I wish you well and pray that our Good Lord continue to strengthen you and offer you the needed space to operate.The world is watching Ghana, Africa is watching Ghana, West Africa is watching Ghana and your admirers across the globe are watching your keenly at the end of the game,your name will surely be on the dotted spots for the name of the main actor and my prayer is that you end your tenure as your predecessors ended.


Ohenenana Obonto Krow