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Opinions of Thursday, 22 January 2004

Columnist: Albion, Kojo

Oguaanyi Cries With hope.

Oguaa (Cape Coast) weighs heavily on my heart and mind daily and so I hope that you will bear with me. I wish we will all stay on top of affairs in Ghana and Abrokyir. Let us mourn, weep, fast, pray and do what we can to make a difference. We can do no less.

Many of our people are suffering paa at home. Prices continue to go up but NOT income. Past governments created poverty for many, thus the HIPC initiative by Hon. JAK. It is sad to go to a place where almost everyone is broke and desperate, especially, Cape Coast. Many people are on the verge of hunger. The cost of living is beyond the pockets of many people but prices continue to rise.

Many programs are now in place to alleviate poverty but prices continue to rise and many can not find employment. Oguaa continues to be the seat of education and tourism therefore, there is hope for the future. All those who were educated in Oguaa and the surrounding areas, please check up on the City and see what YOU can do.

Desperate people do desperate things and "to whom much is given much is expected of….." We can not sit idle but we do what we can to help, thus our passion for the homeland. “Ketewa biara nnsua.” Everyone can help, although "beebiara ndwee."

I would like to encourage our Afrocentric children because I feel it is critical that the next generation takes interest in its heritage or else, Ghana will not have remittances going there like we send. A generation is growing up that does not know much of anything about the homeland, and yet they are the ones who can help take things to the next level. We came to establish ourselves away from the homeland so that our children will not go through what we went through but they do not know the history or the traditions. Many of us have failed in passing on the history, faith, culture and traditions. Hmmmmm!!!

Please continue in the struggle. Yennpa aba da!!!!

With God, all things are possible!!! Oguaa will rise again.

Oguaanyi Kojo Albion.

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