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Opinions of Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

Of Multimedia, Citi FM, and multi-headed serpents in our midst

It is evident that the media in Ghana has taken a downturn into retrogression, juxtaposed to the heroic stoicism of members of this honourable profession who fought against oppression and the worst form of misinformation. They defied death in order to “Never Say Die”.

They refused to be ostracised from the Ghanaian body because they believed that in the face of suppression, the only way forward was to fight until the end. As a result, we won liberties never ever fathomed could debut in Ghana after the egregious most dictatorial regimes of President Kwame Nkrumah, the subsequent Juntas culminating in papa J’s eras of 1979 and 1981 (Flt Lt rtd Jerry John Rawlings). I will not play diplomacy with the truth!

Somewhere along the line, the trials and tribulations of life might have influenced the weak minds of the upcoming crop of journalists such that the touch of greatness in bringing the nation up to date with happenings under specific status quos depended on how much money a journalist was bribed or how much a price tag they put on their conscience!

And the current situation of journalism in the country does not seem to paint a nice picture of the honour associated with the industry. Many of the supposed iconic media houses have turned their integrity into a mop for the dirty bullies who continue to soil our country with charlatanism because they can afford the bill. What is it that man should have that cannot be afforded by the practise of honest, pragmatic, and straight-to-the-point approach to current affairs? The bitter truth beats my wildest imagination.

Is it the fake popularity that erects the ego of man to be seen everywhere with sidechicks drinking alcohol and chewing akonfem (guinea fowl)? Maybe that is why Samens I am told has a joint. Quite a profitable approach to such loose lifestyle that would require money, dirty money, to maintain!

On the issue of Multimedia’s fake exposé on innocent NPP folks trying to help arrange jobs for their colleague youths, Manasseh Azure shot himself in the foot because the footage shown had nothing indicative of the accusations leveled at the government in that direction. He had soon forgotten that his outfit, Joy News and their demented branches in the Multimedia group would wear the crown more comfortably as militia journalists having posed for photos in army uniforms when they went through some form of military training. Of course that was information made public, and I am inclined to believe that same is very true!

Then the Haruna Iddrisu leak came to confirm that Multi-Media and Citi FM were on a war path with the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. Why? Could they have been bribed? Could they have sought to compromise the President’s term in office so that a perforated umbrella will be placed over our heads to make us painfully wet? But the attitude that they have put up as media houses have also confirmed that due to their stomach journalism, they have self-relegated to tabloid status or even worse; say latrines!

But I am told that there is a morning show on one of these platforms that is good, and I am never wrong to say that out of a lump of shit can bloom a rose! There are many reasons why one would follow this tangent to describe the overly bloated egos of such charlatan journalists and their paymasters. When the Boss of a media house is full of dunk, you hardly will get a bouquet of roses to smell in the morning. When the Boss of a media house seems to speak through his rear, you should not expect to smell perfume.

And so it was with Samuel Atta-Mensah (Samens of Citi FM). What kind of betrayal is this? And I am given the excuse that Media Bosses do not interfere with editorial policies. That is Bullshit! I dictated the editorial policies of my news outfit, and the employee journalists could never do otherwise. I made them know that if they couldn’t go with the policies, the door was open for them to exit.

By the way, let me apologise to the reader for requesting the president to sack Samens. I was updated on his issue and informed that he was asked to resign barely six months into office as The Head of Coastal Development Authority. I missed that one, much apologies. Maybe, he was fished out as a mole and made to resign. You can expect anything from a foul mouth who has no shame with his utterances. So my next articles on this monster will definitely deal with his schematics. Suffice it to say that to remain unrepentant in your lee years speaks much of a misguided upbringing.

Yesterday, after bundling Multimedia and Citi FM with the goats in the husbandry of the NDC, I was shocked to receive camouflaged death threats and verbal attacks from this character which I responded to with much sarcasm. I am surprised that he acted like an overgrown child in diapers. Well, he probably needed the diaper to hide a bit of his shame. Why are his people shitbombing the government of His Excellency President Akufo-Addo together with MultiMedia? Why? Why? Why?

Below are the chat screenshots of the barrage of insults:

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