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Opinions of Saturday, 23 January 2010

Columnist: Yeboah, Nana Kwame

Ode To Ghana.

O ye, who have sane intellect, pay head to the doctrine which lies beneath the veil of these strange verses.

Mohamed Abu-Nasar-Ibn-Mohamed-Ibn-Al-Farabi

Ode To Ghana.

BY Nana kwame Yeboah

Everyday we hear
Our country is near
The dreams we have dreamt;
They say the country is better,
And I ask the latter,
Is Accra the only place to settle?

Everyday I read the trades
With its praises and the hearsays
Of the beauty
Of the town of fallacious pacesetters
And cronies.
What about the rest of us?
Who is looking out for us?

The Country slaves,
And the Capital behaves
As if it belongs to all;
But, alas,
When out of Accra
The beauty is left afar.

The pride of Accra, which all should feel,
Do not appeal.
For all know, one wants one’s own.
But what excuses Accra
As it swallows half the pie
That one fries, so one cries?

The capital, they say,
Deserve the pay.
The rest, they say,
Deserve to slave.
A freeman works in servitude
Only when labor
Serves others flavor.

The beauty of the Capital, a false projection
Of steps in the right direction
Is but an illusion, a salutation
To Ghana’s deformed vision;
For the whole is better than the part;
On this, with Sages, I do not part.