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Opinions of Saturday, 16 April 2011

Columnist: Alpha, Shaban Barani

Ode To A Doyen Of Social Justice: Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Values for which he stands and has always stood,

Protecting and guarding jealously the public good

Evidence thereof is all too clear an indication,

As he dishes out tip top exposés without equivocation

Across the media landscape he holds the label,

Of going the extra mile to seek and to unravel

Unmatched and apt is his use of sharp and sheer tact,

Almost always putting out what is the plain fact

His contemporaries may have made it a key to stride,

Over and beyond that with pride, he guides

A son of Bimbilla with a shrewd penchant to improvise,

Thereafter telling the full story without compromise

If Ghana and the world be grateful to the Osagyefo,

Ghana journalism is indebted to his mentor, Malik Baako

Clear of the politics, arguments and sentiments,

Wait a minute! Tiger Eye’ got the documents

Aside the bold risk of stepping out to investigate,

Abound afterward is audio/video proof to corroborate

As all other deliver of the story a mere tincture

He’s always on hand to present the full picture

However sophisticated and complicated the rock,

He unraveled the Imam school of shock (Aug 2008)

O’er and above his peers, he was a conscious vandal

Undercover as a labourer in the Eurofood Scandal

An enemy of human trafficking, local and international

Busted Soldier Bar and crushed the Chinese Sex Scandal

Then was ‘Musah Akolgo’ as he set out to douse,

The injustices and excesses in Ghana’s Madhouse

Thought of as being kind to kids as is the Pope in Rome,

He exposed ‘wicked nannies’ of the Osu Orphans Home

What happened to Ghana’s premier sea import station?

From there he brought to light ‘the Enemies of the nation’

Quenching trafficking and advancing Human Rights,

Criminals have and are panicking on hind and foresight

He’ time without number lifted the social justice cork,

And by that, ‘freed’ were Ghanaians in prisons of Bangkok

Why he busted the country’ cocoa smuggling estate?

In his words and heart he said, ‘In the interest of the state’

His gigantic strides at guiding society by ‘crusading,’

Sadly misconstrued in controversy of him ‘invading’

And so do the detractors always howl; ‘Subterfuge,’

But his pride resides in the 1000s that get refuge

To those who are hard hit by his work, he’ an Osama

Who better to disagree; 1st Black US President, Obama

To that end, for all social evils however endemic,

Trust he’s gonna root ‘em all out however systemic

When leopards, chameleons, parrots and scorpion team,

The Spice Girls and spider teams, complete the seam

And so did the national coffers heave a great sigh,

Credits and Plaudits to the efforts of team Tiger Eye

Aint nothing stopping him, as always soldiering ON

From past, today and beyond, unabated the struggle’ ON

Incomplete is Chinese history without Hu Jing Tao

Same as Ghana Journalism without Anas Aremeyaw