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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Oblivious of God’s Plans, Man Sometimes Makes Mockery of Themselves

Respect is earned but not commanded. Society makes a person who they are. When a man, especially a Ghanaian, attains a higher position in society, they begin to strut like a peacock. They raise their shoulders; their chest puffed out with pride and saunter about same as a turkey spreads out their feathers, showing off their power and magnificence. “Krokrokoko hantan wo mu ee”

When a Ghanaian becomes a President of the Republic, or a Government Minister or a traditional leader, they begin to arrogate to themselves unnecessary powers. In their mind’s eye, they are Omnipotent and Omniscient. By their actions, they seem to confer upon themselves the mentioned titles that rather are jealously reserved for God Almighty only.

Having falsely believed themselves to be all-powerful, they begin to behave in all their activities and actions as such. They intimidate the ordinary people to submit to their wishes; tin-gods as they have become. They completely forget that God exists, He is Supreme and He has plans for everyone. As man proposes, evil-minded as they often are, God on the other hand, disposes of such intentions.

In a meeting of a Council of Chiefs arbitrating a chieftaincy dispute, one could see the Overlord playing God. He was behaving as though he possesses the ultimate power to deliver any verdict of his choice without anyone able to challenge his decision, no matter how irresponsible the decision might look. All the other members of the Council were supportive of his actions. They were permanently concurring with his pronouncements and even encouraging him to stamp his authoritative foot down to smoothly sail through the apparent reprehensible decisions he was making.

While the Council was wrongfully exercising their power, aiding an otherwise illegal royal to usurp the throne, the real God was sitting calmly up there in the Heavens, laughing at them. He might have soliloquized, “What are these ignorant mortal beings doing? Are they trying to prove me a liar, taking the right to the throne from the true royal whom I have designated and purposed to end the sufferings of my people?”

Suddenly, an inordinate tomboy emerged, took the mike and announced to the Council and the audience how she had offered bribes to some people with intent to induce them to support her views and choice of candidate to ascend to the vacant throne. Having likely agreed in private, ceding to the wishes of the tomboy, all the chiefs declared in turn with one voice and in unison, “we support her, all that she has done is perfect, and in line with our tribal custom and usage”

God was up there deriding their ignorance, lack of knowledge and absolute stupidity. Does offering bribe, as she asserted in public to have done, in line with custom? Does taking the birthright of one person, and giving it to another, perfect, and in line with custom?

In their eyes, they were marvellously executing the duty for which they had colluded with one another on the Council to do as agreed with the tomboy and her candidate. God in annoyance overturned the table, because he could not withstand any longer, the stench of their nefarious plot.

Now, there is confusion in their camp. They are biting their fingers, saying, had we known, we would have done things differently. But it is too late to act differently. They have been ensnarled by their own lies.

God will make sure they pay dearly for their evil acts and intents. God, right from the very inception assured His suffering masses and his royal candidate-designate that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Arriving at the end of the tunnel will not tarry. It is in sight!

I dedicate this write-up to Kwadwo Timpabi from Kumawu, but now living in Finsbury Park in London.

Rockson Adofo