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Opinions of Sunday, 27 May 2012

Columnist: Koduah, Reagan Adomah

America and Britain's Laudind Of Mills, The Relevance To The Ghanaian

There has been a continuous resounding of how the sitting president; John Evans Atta Mills has obtained a good Favor from Obama and Cameron. From his alleged invitation to the G8 summit to the numerous trips to the USA, the president is said to have a very romantic relationship with these two world leaders.

In as much as it is not a bad achievement, I don't also think that this determines how good or bad the governance of his excellency has been. Obviously the president has lost the good will of his own people and the NDC communication machinery is obviously trying to replace the dwindling popularity of the president at home with that of US and Britain. And this to say the least is unreasonable.

Obama and Cameron endorsed Sarkozie more than Mills but he lost. Sarkozie won't have only been invited to the G8, but could have as well chaired it, but he lost. The communication team has a task to make the president more attractive at home than clinging to these straws of desperation. The worst were best friends to se of the worst leaders in the world. They were all smiles with Nyasengbe Eyedema, Pres Kabila of Congo, Paul Bia of Cameroun, The president of Gabon and many other oppressive and bad leaders on the African content. Even Muamar Ghedafi who they later connived and murdered was not too long ago in bed with them. Although the people these above mentioned leaders ruled had or has got tired with them, they still support them and do all within their reach to keep them in power. So endorsing a president in Africa have serious deep meaning for the people the leader in question governs. From my observation, it is mostly for their benefit and not the people the "West's favourite" leader governs.

Many who have studied the west and America and Britain especially, will rather love a president who won't like to succumb to those two. The interest of their people is what is paramount to them. Throughout the generations we have traded with the British and America than any other country in the world as planned down by Gorgisberg. What we have in return is unfair and hostile trade polices which have impoverished our people till date.

With the entrance of the Asians, especially the Chinese The West is desperately looking for new territories to hold in their fist and milk. The Chinese offers cannot be competed for and so any decisive government is tempted to deal with the Chinese rather than the imposing west.

The West will like president Mills because he will say yes to anything they will tell him. The only type they can be friends with. America uprooted Dr Nkrumah because he was not the type you can easily twist. They are at loggerheads with the current Ugandan president president because he called of their bluff when they tried to force his government to legalize same sex marriages. The current and just past Brazilian Presidents were not best of friends to them because Lula D'Silva and his successor distanced themselves from them in the interest of their people.

Ghana at this age don't need a leader who will be puppet to these leaders. We need one who will have only the interest of the Ghanaian at heart and one who will pursue dreams that will bring prosperity to us even if it opposes the prescriptions of the west.

IMF in the late 80s advised Ghana to cut spending on agriculture. Rawlings at that time was subsidizing agricultural products up to 30%. Ghana was forced to obey this prescription. But as Ghana removed that prescription, back there in America they subsidize their agricultural products to a whooping 70% and even insures their farmers in case of losses.? As Ghana obeyed our food production went down and there has been an influx of American Long grain rice on our market since then till now.

It is not necessarily in the interest of the Ghanaian that our government goes to bed with the west. Our partners should be chosen based on what the Ghanaian can benefit. Again your friends show your character. The current leadership of America and Britain are down to earth with Homosexuality and same sex marriages with Obama being the latest to endorse it. Mills melting attitude with them raises lots of concerns.

Reagan Adomah Koduah. London, UK.