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Opinions of Thursday, 28 November 2013

Columnist: Antwi, Danis Kwame

RE: Rot at DUR



The desire of certain faceless individuals to destroy the hard won reputation of people just to serve their self interest is becoming sickening in this country. Civil servants because of politics and greed are now destroying each other every now and then just to gain favors from their political paymasters. In an attempt to destroy themselves civil servants go ahead to engulf others in their stupidity.

In recent times one such attack is going on against hard working servants of Kumasi Metro Roads Department, where some individuals hiding behind the name Ibrahim Mahmoud Meriga are using the World Wide Web to denigrate hard working civil servants of the Kumasi metro roads unit.

In a series of articles these individuals displayed their, biases, their lack of appreciation of the procurement process, their evil intentions and their desire to see to the elimination of certain individuals from the Kumasi metro roads unit.

These serious and damming accusations of selfless people who have made endless efforts to work hard in moving this country forward is very undesirable and unthinkable. Let me further rehash the saying that "those who sleep with other peoples wives always think there is someone with their wife when they are not around".

My checks have indicated that the contract names mentioned in paragraph two in their second article are owned by hard working individuals who have achieved success before even Ing. Theodore Quaye came to Kumasi. In fact my checks indicate that the contractors mentioned have been working in Kumasi since 2006 when this senior DUR person was the MRE for Kumasi. During that period I harmlessly ask; were the contractors fronting for him?

I have taken the pain to follow the award of contracts at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the DUR in Kumasi (The truth is that the KMA is the contract awarding body of the DUR) my checks indicate that nothing untoward had happen in the award of contracts for the mention companies.

My information is that the man behind this false publication is Amoo Gotfred, the reason for this childish and uncultured behavior is simple power drunk.

My source tells me this is a guy who during 2003-2008 has so much power as Metro Roads Engineer in Kumasi and can do whatever he likes without the approval from his bosses in Accra because he had the minister at that time as friend. The source also tells me he slept with many national service persons who did service there and who are you to complain you will be sacked if you don't heed to his uncontrolled sexual demands. My sour even goes on to say he had a heart attack and nearly passed out after a national service person demanded money from this man and if he refuses she will leak his adulterous altitude to the press. (The lady name withheld for now)

My source even tells me in the later part of 2008 this Amoo man had an affair with a national service person (name hold up for now) and still engages this lady in an affair.

My source also tells me this man does not know his hometown and the house his father built any family member that stays there dies so the house cannot be occupied by any one, why is this so? I think we need some answers. This is certainly better than accusing somebody of coming from a village.

My source also reveals just four months to the end of 2008 this man built a mansion in Kumasi with a swimming pool on the roof, wow this man must have so much to build a mansion within four months.

In my quest to find more I was told this Amoo guy goes to brag and tell people there is no wise person at their head office he was the only wise person and deserved the Director rather the man at post now and to the extent of sending someone to insult the Kumasi metro roads engineer and went to the extent of using tribal slur telling you northerners deserve to rare cattle not to work in offices. My information is that this Amoo Gotfred man has set -up a shadow urban roads office at his house with the following as his staff ……………………



He works with these guys and make up stories about hard working innocent guys at the office in order to lay the foundation for the main head office destruction agenda.

In all sincerity Amoo Gotfred should have known better before guiding Benjamin Bampoh to put up these stories. The reason is simple! He has more dirt in his kitchen than anyone can imagine. Look!! Amoo has forgotten soon the many ladies he sent abroad and rented flats for especially the one in south London (name with held for now). As for the flats he (Amoo gee the ladies called him) rented in Kumasi and Accra, you and I cannot count them. This is the man publishing others in the internet for engaging in extra-marital affairs. Shocking!!! Isn’t it?

As for small boy ben bampoh, i think its time wasting talking about such persona nongrata. He is just a little boy being used to perpetrate a scheme that he himself lacks the basics to evaluate the consequences of what he is doing. Out of his childishness he immaturely leaked this whole scheme between himself, amoo, Abraham, and Eugene to someone (name with held) without knowing. In fact i’m preparing to submit this evidence to dur head office very soon. He told this friend that he (bampoh) read the comments on their part 2 and that all the aspects the public rubbished were amoo’s insertions when it was forwarded to him (amoo) for editing.

Amazingly Abraham dankwa the then maintenance engineer is rather portrayed as a saint in surrogate Ibrahim mahmoud meriga’s articles. Even though I’m reliably informed that he provides the group with information about the Kumasi office, it deepens the illogical sequence of the articles simply because of the persona of abraham Dankwa. Or its because of abraham’s contribution to Eugene ostensibly to chase Theodore Quaye out and make him the director should the tables turn? As for mr. Dankwa, I promise to make special publication on him when I finish putting together the verifiable facts. I patiently await the part 3!