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Opinions of Saturday, 22 February 2014

Columnist: Ali, Tanko

Nyaho Tamakloe must be bold enough

Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe must be bold enough to declare his alliance with John Mahama.

By Tanko Ali

It's interesting how a so called founding member of the New Patriotic Party, Dr Nyaho Tamakloe has become more of a liability to the party through his systematic attack on the integrity of the party since John Mahama was declared in error as the president of Ghana by the disgraced Chairman of the electoral Commission, Dr Kwadwo Afari Djan.

In an ironic fashion, Dr Nyaho Tamakloe is bold enough to accuse the NPP of ethnic skewing, but he isn't bold enough to admit that he is under John Mahama's pay roll. After all, it's an open secret that John Mahama is skilled in bribing his way to achieve his selfish ambition.

When it became crystal clear that Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe's initial argument about the composition of the disciplinary committee of the NPP was flawed, he then shamelessly shifted his mischief to the leadership of the various committees of the NPP. Nyaho brazenly and flagrantly keeps extending his folly to other areas, as he seems to forget that the elastic thread he continue to stretch in order to divert people's attention from the incompetence, cluelessness, the economic mismanagement and the endemic corruption spear-headed by his newly found protege, John Mahama is going to break pretty soon. It's a shame that Dr Nyaho Tamakloe has stooped so low in singing the NDC's old aged propaganda to achieve his selfish interest. The NPP will be better off without enemies from within like Dr Nyaho Tamakloe who is only interested in his "stomach".

Propagandists and demagogues can continue to scheme ethnic "hogwash" against the great NPP, but the NPP will never shirk it's party's tradition of choosing leaders through the due process. The opponents of the NPP engaged in tribal politics in the 2000 and 2004 elections respectively, but yet the NPP won those elections massively. I urge the NPP to treat this NDC propaganda with the contempt it deserve and concentrate on how to elect bold, decisive, meticulous, proactive and strategic leaders who can be vigilant enough to prevent the corrupt and compromised Electoral Commission and other state institutions that has been compromised by the ruling party to do it's bidding from rigging the 2016 elections in favour of John Mahama as it happened in the last elections. John Mahama himself knows there's no way he can win a fair election in Ghana, judging from his abysmal performance.

Unity and vigilance by the NPP will spell doom for the NDC in 2016, and so Dr, Nyaho Tamakloe has been bought buy John Mahama to discredit the NPP.

I must commend John Dramani Mahama for his prowess in greasing palms of some chiefs, prominent personalities, religious leaders and other opinion leaders in the country to do his bidding.

How I wish John Dramani Mahama has a prowess for nation building and running a competent government which he lacks badly.

Tanko Ali Yahaya, Independent Minded Zongorians. Email: