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Opinions of Monday, 31 July 2017

Columnist: Alhassan Andani

Nurses going live; the case of slay queens with their activities to higher level

I chanced on a news item published by on the 29th of July 2017. In the said news item, nurses on duty purportedly decided to go live on Facebook at the perils of the precious lives of patients of dire need of medical care. This grisly revelation compelled my thinking caps into functionality relative to the motive of this weird behavior being put by this nurses. What happened to ethics of the profession?

What happened to the hearts of these nurses? Were they on hibernation? Isn’t there a smidgeon of compassion in it? The questions continued to flow like the oil from jubilee fields. After minutes of mulling over this unprofessional, unethical, inhumane, and fiendish attitudes of the nurses, the subject of ‘slay queen’ appeared next begging for explanation.

There isn’t a dictionary definition of the aforementioned jargon but to help you apprehend it, let’s look at this convo between a medical doctor and the jargon which I culled from a friend’s Facebook wall;
Slay queen: doctor, I have stomach pains.
Doctor: damsel, what did you eat?
Slay queen: just some pizza, chicken, liver, sausages, shawama and wine.
Doctor: please, this is not Facebook so be frank and tell me the truth.
Slay queen: ok, Gari and beans with kulkuli.
Me: I laugh enter a hospital.

From the above ensued conversation, I don’t think further exegesis is needed on the meaning of the jargon. As a student of Computing-with-accounting, I would be the last person to speak against the proliferation of technological products with their pros, however, the way and manner we usually used these tools always defeat the purpose for which they were created. Social media, especially Facebook, is where many people connect and share ideas, learn from each other without necessarily being in the same social class or economic class. It is also a platform where opinions debate each other. In fact, it is where intellectual premier league is played on daily basis.

But some account holders think it is where potty-mouthed should be countenanced, whilst some think it is where they can hold beauty competitions with selfies. I am not a misogynist but I think our ladies very well fit in this selfies competitions. My elders say that if one is fond of doing something every day it becomes a daily affair which an attempt to resist will be like a debt hanging over your neck. This is what I believed caught the nurses in the web. They have been slaying on Facebook during leisure time, why won’t they slay during working hours? After all, all slaying be slaying!

Which serious minded worker would sacrifice productivity for the antics of social media? Not even Mark Zuckerberg! So if the inventor of the platform on which you would waste precious working hours in the name of going live when patients are about to go dead would not do that, why should you? Or because his head is fully aware of work ethics just like your head but your heart will not let your head perform any function apart from carrying loads? Phew!

The authority must take the necessary action against them to serve as a deterrent but I must go on record that I am against sacking as a comeuppance since the human being is fallible. I have never been a hypocrites and I will never become.

If you are the type who also watches “Kukum bagya” or “if loving you is a crime” during working hours, then you are all birds of the same feathers or variables of the same equation just that one decided to be brave with this asinine act. To every slay queen out there: be advised that one day your slay act would really kill a soul on a sick bed unlike the way you literally kill people in life.