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Opinions of Thursday, 6 December 2018

Columnist: Eric Kwapong

Now is the best time in history to be a young person

There is a great awakening happening. Never in history has the world ever been more aware and more empowered.

While there is still a long way to go, now is the best time in history
to be alive.

With the birth of the internet, social media, and countless other technological advancements; the world has never been more interconnected.

We have seen young people all over the world standing up to challenge systems of oppression and power that have gone unchecked for years.

We have seen young people starting million dollar companies, social movements, and holding political office.

And that same awakening is starting in Africa, and it's being led by young people.

The awakening has already started in Ghana with young creatives and social entrepreneurs using their God-given gifts to make Ghana a better place.

And on December 22, 50 young leaders from all over Ghana will be coming together to make a stand. A stand for unity.

Service. And synergy. 50 young leaders from 50 different high schools and colleges will be coming together in solidarity to serve the young leaders in Agbogbloshie.

We believe leadership is what you do with your surroundings, not the family or circumstance you were born to.

On December 22 these 50 young leaders will listen to the words of a young entrepreneur and leader in many sectors.

One who pioneered a hedge fund, a charity, and on the board of countless organizations.

The Forbes and Time Magazine mentioned Sangue Delle. And then taking words into action by packing meals on the Saturday before Christmas for young leaders who may not have the same opportunities as others.

The 50 leaders who show a glimpse of what the future of Ghana can look like.

A little bit of every school and every background all coming together in different ways to make Ghana more equitable.

But before we can change the world we must first serve it.

The writer is the President of the Josiah Leadership Movement (J-FORCE)

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