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Opinions of Thursday, 29 October 2015

Columnist: Ohene-Agyekum

Nobody is Anti Nana Addo,But Himself

It is increasingly becoming almost inseparable to do a dispassionate critique of the party of which Nana Addo is the flagbearer since Dec 2007 and twice defeated, taken us into another miles of general elections that seem to be a jolly ride for the main opposition party due to total failure of this current NDC government in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

But strangely enough, the focus and direction however of the opposition leader gives little room to believe, he and his inner circles aren't perturbed about the plight of many country men and women who think the NPP been the Center Right in philosophy has the right antidotes to solving and ameloriating the challenges of the nation win them elections come 2016.

I can't in one second believe, if Nana Addo knows or get the right briefing from his managers and or his political strategies such as Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko,Dr Amoako Tuffour,Nana Obiri Boahen,Mr Agiri Blankson etc.?

Well, as was said by Robert Green in his book "48 Laws of Power", Law 7, I strongly believe Nana Addo is the main factor whose name all this turf war done,therefore it will be just political smartness to for once, prove to the world and take full responsibility of the happenings and also crack the whip and shoulder all including even his so call ANTI groups and give duties and responsibilities to them with targets set and timelines for all to achieve, to enable his inordinate childhood desire to be president come through.

Again,if indeed the noise is about real desire to win power,then he must get all those so call big wigs such as Hackman, Sarfo Marfo,Amoako Tuffour,Obiri Boahen, Gabby, Ayisi Boateng,etc go down in their various Constituencies to work and partner with the local people to win massive votes and Majority Seats to better the chances of their idol leader.

If Nana Addo in all this golden opportunity that has avail for him fails, can he once again blame innocent people,which I don't want to mention that have been wrongly painted so badly in the eyes and the face of many NPP loyalist since 2008?

Again great political leaders takes full responsibility to all their failures and defeats, but am yet to see in all the two defeats of the party, where a clear message sent down showing that traits?

If its not Kuffour, its EC,or NDC rigging or Poling Agents taken bribe and or Supreme Court Justices been bribe?

This can not be allowed to become the order of the day,Leaders rally their subject along but, they dont sit down and see their following linger in total hopelessness and states of danger.

I humbly submit that, none should be blamed,if the leader himself is seeing doing little to show true qualities of leadership as shown in the past from the likes of J.B Dankwa,Dombo,KA Busia,Tolon Naa,Victor Owusu,JA Kuffour etc .

We are all obsessed and passionate about Victory 2016,because we gain or lose together as a party.

I may not directly benefit in terms of appointments to likes of Gabby, Nana Bediatuo,Ken Ofori Atta,Sarfo Marfo etc, but I am certain that there will be good governance so either way,I will benefit from my hard work in my business area of interest.

In as much as Nana is desirous of political power, I also need it equally.....

I will end to quote Fmr. President J.A Kuffour that " it is better to be a boy boy in a governing party than to be a General Secretary in an opposition party"

Thank you.

Again yours truly