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Opinions of Thursday, 28 June 2007

Columnist: Agyemang, Henry Boakye

No Visa For Homosexuals To Ghana

A new law or vigorous approach to the problem of homosexualism in Ghana is immediately needed.Ghana peace is not possible without the complete elimination of homosexuals and their agents from society.

The law makers must come out as a matter of urgency with new suitable, stiff and magnetic laws so that the judicial system will be equip to quarantine homosexuals from society for a long time if not for ever.The law must ban those who promote homosexual eg internet providers,and agents for international homosexuals .The Ghana Embassies abroad must not issue visa for homosexuals to Ghana.The new law must stipulate that aircraft with homosexuals on board must not allow to fly even in Ghana air space at all.I know there is freedom in Ghana but freedom without strict laws is anarchy.

We have to be constantly on the alert, for we are steadfastly resolved that our freedom shall never be betrayed.

And this freedom of ours to build our nation ,our economies stands open to danger just as long as homosexuals remain and continue to spread their doctrine in our society,culture and education.Ghana must not ,Ghana cannot be neutral in eleminating homosexuals from our society, culture,and education.The evil practices must not be classified or defined as freedom;because without discipline true freedom cannot survive.

The greatness of Ghana does not lie only in the physical achievement of our development plan but also in the quality of the life of its people,life without homosexuals.

Ghana has now become gambling house of international homosexuals and behold the law makers are iddle setting down.Today our Parliament has become avenue for business contracts and politics.Making laws for the well being of Ghanaians are the order of yesterday.

Roman empire did not survive due to homosexalism. Today NPP Administration ,time is breeding homosexualism. I trust, the newly Chief Justice of Republic of Ghana will help in the defination of couples not only in her home but the entire judicial system.May the God almighty bless judges like Richard Mac Kogyapwah who recently said those having unnatural intercouse needed tobe quarantine from society for a very long time.

Mr President under your leadership oil field is discovered.Mr President under your leadership international homosexuals are using our dear cultured nation as gambling house and the breeding of local homosexuals continue rapidly. The interest of humanity compels every prudent Ghanaian or African to take steps against (homosexualism) such inhumanity and barbarity and to act in concert to eliminate it from our society.

With this and many compelling evidence on your desk, Mr President, what are you and the law maker are doing about this eminent threat?

Henry Boakye Agyemang
Commonwealth of Virginia

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