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Opinions of Saturday, 2 June 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

No Repeat of Complacency – NPP Warned

Complacency can comparatively be explained as that sudden bullet that takes down the giant when he is confident about the safety of his surroundings but completely unaware of there being possible fatal encounters. Complacency by definition is, "a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc."

My fellow NPP members were completely complacent during the 2008 election year. While the NDC were going from house to house knocking on people's doors soliciting their precious winning votes, the NPP were relaxed in the false hope of having won the elections already. They were more fixated on the false hope the public attendance to their gargantuan urban/city rallies gave them. Little did they know that some of the people at the rallies had come to see how well they danced that kangaroo dance of "Nana Akuffo-Addo oye Winner oo!" By the time they were aware, the NDC and President Mills – "Adze wo fie oye", had become Kwame Nyante – "oko dadada". The NDC had won the parliamentary elections and later won the presidential elections.

The NPP were left to scratch their heads and balls wondering how. Incumbency could not save them from defeat. The wise man says, "once bitten, twice shy" We also learn from our mistakes. Have the NPP learnt any lesson from their previous defeat at election 2008? I do not think they have at all or they have not learnt much. As usual, they are a bit relaxed owing to the divisions within the NDC as at now. They think that without the Rawlings factor that did the trick for President Mills and the NDC in 2008, winning election 2012 is a done deal for the NPP. Anyway, it does not cost anyone anything to dream. Nevertheless, it costs an awful lot of pain to daydream. A word to the wise is sufficient.

While the NPP are tickling themselves and laughing, the NDC upon all their insurmountable internal wrangling have dispatched their agents to the villages on campaign to win election 2012. They are feeding lies to the villagers to obtain their votes for nothing. They are lying about the NPP to cause people to hate you just to get their votes.

I will advise my fellow NPP members to do door to door campaigning to explain the policies of Nana Akuffo-Addo. You should also talk about how President Mills and the NDC have connived with, and abetted one Alfred Agbesi Woyome to swindle Ghana of GHC51 Million. Tell them the many judgment debts the NDC have dubiously paid out to fictitious persons and companies. It is a means for them to enrich their party. Most of the names are simply ghost names. The money goes to the NDC. Tell them on what the money paid out as judgment debts could have been used. Explain to them how many hospitals, schools, or roads the government could have constructed if people in government had not condoned and abetted its fraudulent use.

My reliable information reveals that paying out judgment debt is a way adopted by African political parties in government to make money for themselves and their party. The NDC have taken it to unprecedented height as they themselves acknowledge that President Mills has performed unprecedentedly when compared to all his predecessors. Yes, he has. Under his tenure of office, armed robbers abound in Ghana, cost of living has hit the roof, his appointees are experts in insults, he promotes those able to insult his perceived enemies, he chases out the founder of his own party and corruption among his party gurus and government Ministers are all unprecedented. Bravo! This is NDC for you.

NPP should encourage more people to campaign for them and especially, for Nana "Obuggie" Akuffo-Addo Dankwah. They should not continue to sit on their lap hoping that they have won the elections already. Upon all the headaches within the NDC, President Mills by the help of the Electoral Commissioner has created about forty-two Districts and forty-two Constituencies, all of which favour the NDC. They have gargantuan stolen money to proceed on vote-buying spree.

Have you forgotten about the rigging potential of the biometric voter registration and remote electronic voting? The NDC can easily avail themselves of any accruing opportunities from any such rigging possibility, trust me.

The NPP are so complacent that if we are not careful, they will let their supporters down by negligently allowing the NDC to win election 2012 to continue with their eyesore corruption. Anyone who is fed up with the corruption and abusive nature of the NDC coupled with their incompetence should please vote NPP and Nana Akuffo-Addo to power. You should form your own task forces to campaign for Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP.

I am forming my own Movement in support of the NPP and Nana Akuffo-Addo. My T-Shirts will be out soon. I will start the Movement from Kumawu, the Hometown of the Finance Minister. I want to kick the NDC out of power because the stench of their corruption has reached the periphery of the sky to the annoyance of the Heavenly beings that are pinching their nose.

Rockson Adofo