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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

"Nkrato3" to NDC, Rawlings and the Feuding Adanis & Abudus

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For evil to triumph is for good people to sit nonchalantly agape twirling their fingers, living in the fool's paradise where the philosophy is, God will provide. I am by the minute getting sick and tired of the callously hypocritical way politics is being conducted in Ghana to suit the selfish aspirations of certain crafty individuals and political parties. That unyielding burning desire within me to be of service to humanity, my people and country, strengthened by the ongoing underestimation of the intelligence of the Ghanaian electorates, will soon ignite in me that unquenchable flame to go on an unstoppable crusade to seeking a parliamentary seat. I cannot understand why the Ghanaian parliamentarians lack the audacity to be truthful in representing their constituents and in counteracting the absurdity of certain behaviours and policies. I am not yet to spell out my aims and objectives until the appropriate time but I feel nauseous seeing politicians feeding fat on the ignorance of some Ghanaian voters.

It is very upsetting to see the NDC always trying hard to avail themselves of the purported electoral gains the politicization of the death of Ya-Na Yakubu Adani II, with the ensuing ignorance of the Adanis and the Abudus bring along. The Chief opportunist of dubious character maximising such gains at the peril of the factionalized feuding Adanis and Abudus is the Former President Flt. Lt J. J. Rawlings. Rawlings shamelessly capitalizes on the pain of the Adanis to not only prop his political base, but to stoke the flame in a perpetual attempt to undermine and demonise the NPP and President Mills. But the Adanis and Abudus, brothers and sisters of same family origin or tree, have forgotten the relevance of the wise saying, "When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers". When both the NDC and the NPP are trying hard to outwit one another by manipulating the situation, it is the feuding family that suffers. When then will the Abudus and the Andanis learn to live in peace to stop the devious politicians, especially the NDC, from further wielding the axe against them to put them to perpetual asunder?

Common sense is common but it is never common to common people. Why has common sense evaded some of my brothers and sisters from the North for far too long? For how long will they allow themselves to be abusively manipulated by certain political parties and individuals? These parties or individuals act as they do in fulfilment of their mischievous agenda geared towards advancing their selfish political or individualistic intentions?

Ghanaian electorates need civic education. The socio-political enlightenment is an effective tool to fighting the painful ignorance in which our Adani and Abudu compatriots are mired, making themselves objects of mockery and targets for exploitation. I am sorry for being harsh on them but that is the gospel truth and the way forward. They need to reconcile. They need to put their bitter murderous rivalry behind them to forge and strengthen brotherliness and friendship among themselves through mutual trust. They need to let bygone be bygone. The more they fight, the more they expose their sentimental vulnerability; the more they kill themselves, the further they prove themselves idiots to be exploited by the cunning politicians of whom Rawlings is the head opportunist and the expert con man.

I can hardly make head and tail of the NDC's agitating politicization of the High Court verdict on the murder of the Overlord of Dagbon, the late Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II. It will be recalled that it was their cardinal assurance to the Andanis that the perpetrators of the heinous crime would be brought to justice by hook or crook if NDC won the election. Papa Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings went further to assert that he has information on the assassins of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II. Did he not even allege that he has a video footage of the carnage and its executors? Why did he not present his evidence to the prosecution team? Was he not consulted by the prosecution team for the evidence and advice at any point in time during the investigation of the arrested, but acquitted fifteen suspects? If they didn't, then I ask why?

Do the NDC think that everyone in Ghana is a fool? It is quite painful and humiliating when a fool tries to take a wise man for the fool. When crooks are off doing their nuts, they think they are smart. For how long will the NDC and our Ghanaian politics cause division among the governed? For how long shall we allow political parties to take us for rough ride? There is coming a day that our politicians and the notorious political parties will pay dearly for their evil deeds. On that day, there will be the gnashing of the teeth.

Strip Rawlings of the Immunity/Indemnity cloak and Ghana will be at everlasting peace from unnecessary political wrangling. To Rawlings and NDC, Ghana requires strong institutions but not strong persons, to advance its socio-politico-economic course. Rawlings should understand that, 'you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time' as said by Abraham Lincoln. The evil that men do lives after them. Rawlings will sooner meet his nemeses for all the evilness he has executed and or instigated. The more he schemes against President Mills and the good people of Ghana, the more he gets alienated.

It is long overdue for Ghana to have ardent no-nonsense guys in parliament. They will not insult but vociferously will they chart the course of justice by way of revealing, challenging and making submissions for the repeal of absurd clauses and policies of which the constitutional immunity granted Rawlings is a classical example. The monstrosity as exemplified by the NDC through rampaging foot-soldiers, insulting Deputy Ministers and party activists will not only be condemned but brought to an end.

NDC and Rawlings, please wise up! Andanis and Abudus please don't allow yourselves to be manipulated. Whilst Ama Benyewa Doe, Allotey Jacobs, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Hannah Bissiw, Ofosu Ampofo etc, build their mansions and acquire their wealth on your sweat, ignorance and utter stupidity, there you are fighting and killing yourselves. How stupid can you allow yourselves to be manipulated to this extent? You are not that foolish so please Adanis and Abudus, "adwo bree" - take it easy.

Rockson Adofo

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