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Opinions of Saturday, 5 December 2020

Columnist: Isaac Ofori

Nigel Gaisie's worst nightmare fast approaching

Fellow Ghanaians and all well-meaning people, it is about time we wean ourselves from persons who are hiding behind the name of God to promote subtle business with the gospel. The gospel of Christ is now a commodity and some men of God had taken undue advantage to trade profit with the word of God.

Nigel Gaisie, after the death of Ebony, shot to fame when he claimed he had correctly predicted her death. Soon afterward, he quickly branded himself as the national prophet. Not just that he claims he can also speak to international frontiers about the mind of God. His posture makes him think that whatever he says is final and that is what will come to pass.

Well, December 2020 is here and Nigel is sweating in his own corner wondering if this “Mahama will win prophesy” will be fulfilled by God. Nigel had turned his prophecy into campaigning for Mahama and urging every Christian to reject Akuffo Addo and vote for Mahama instead. This is the most ridiculous aspect of the kind of attitude he has put up prior to the elections.

No one asked you to prophesy victory for NDC and Mahama, so why is Nigel too busy campaigning to ensure that his prophecy is fulfilled. In one breath, NDC should pray. In another, NDC should be vigilant. Also, God has rejected Akuffo Addo and NPP will destroy the Church. Nigel is heard on radio seriously conflicting his own prophecy with different versions of it.

Nigel can say that if we vote for NPP, the country will go back to 1983. It is only Kwame John Mahama that can bring prosperity. He claims he is not against free SHS, he supports it but God does not like the NPP party. Meanwhile, Ghanaians rejected Kwame Mahama by popular votes and brought NPP back to power.

Scientific research done by credible institutions had stipulated that NPP and Nana Addo will win the 2020 elections. Shockingly, even the NDC own research wing had predicted a win for NPP but maintained the contest IS a close one. Everything is pointing to the fact that the elections will be based on track record, conscience and decision by the masses.

God barely meddled in the affairs of politics. It is only in Ghana that we allow men of God to toy with our minds on the so-called prophesy ‘God’ has revealed to them. It is unfortunate that our Christian environment has been reduced to a mere merchandize.

I want to tell Nigel that should Mahama lose the elections; his days will surely be numbered. His reputation will be at stake and lose all the respect he has for himself. That is why he is going about trying to say something that will make him a bit neutral.

That is also why his prophecies concerning the elections are now becoming more or less like campaigns for NDC. He has started using the ‘if clause’ and desisted from being specific. On the 31st Night 2019, he was so emphatic that he even gave the winning margin to be 52.1%. After Tuesday, the glory of Nigel Gaise’s God might depart from his church if Kwame Mahama refuses to clinch victory in the elections.

We are know that when Mahama wins, Nigel will build the biggest church in Ghana, increase his church population to some 10,000, make a lot of money, buy private jet, acquire many property, he will be added to the council of state and will be given a state protocol including 24/7 security to ensure his safety.

That is the bet Nigel had stake that is the main reason why he is trying hard to be consistent so that should Mahama wins, he will grab the bonanza.

Nigel, the God that sent you is not a man. Tread cautiously because the spirit of God is not in you alone and Ghana is not ruled by prophets or prophetic utterances. No one is afraid of Nigel Gaisie and he should better advise himself before he contradicts himself the more.