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Opinions of Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

New Tape: NDC is too dull

Is this how unsmart NDC can be, and make a flop of their own intended diabolic act against NPP?

The thing is, if you are dull, simple things that can even, be easily handled by a nursery child become a problem for you to handle.

Note, in NDC's bid to do anything at all cost, to help persuade and prevent the EC from a new EC REGISTER CREATION, the NDC has intentionally made AN AUDIO to diabolically accuse the NPP of planning to bring in a million Malians into Ghana to register and vote for NPP in 2016 when the EC opens for a NEW REGISTER to be created, so as to help deter the EC from its intended EC REGISTER CREATION, but what the NDC failed to realise was that;

Mali has a voter population of 6.8 million.

For NPP to identify and sponsor one million of them who will be willing to risk travelling to Ghana to register and be taken back to Mali or stay in Ghana till they vote for NPP on the election day will not be an easy thing to do by the NPP or any party or organisation which might even try thinking of that.

It's just highly impossible and undoable.

Also, it will mean, NPP will be mobilising and transporting about 14.7% of this Malian voter population from Mali to Ghana for this.

The cost of that alone, assuming NPP spends as low as just $200 dollars on a voter would mean, NPP will be spending an amount of $200 million on this whole agenda.

Can NPP be this rich as the NDC want to assume? Highly impossible.

The NDC people behind this fake story might either be so dull or think, Ghanaians are as dull as them.

Actually, this is really embarrassing, very less intelligent propaganda at its highest peak.

A nursery child would not even think of such a weak propaganda to use against his/her opponent because he/she will certainly know, not even a VEGETABLE will believe such a story.

A reason, I'm shocked, the NDC with its so many members of theirs believed to be intelligent, will stoop this so low with such a weak propaganda just to help try avoid a NEW REGISTER BY THE EC, which all Ghanaians know the NDC believe, it will be at their disadvantage if such a NEW REGISTER is done.

Actually the NDC has proven through this that, they are very unsmart and so, a no wonder, it is messing up the economy of Ghana

May God be Praised always

Nana kwadwo akwaa

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