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Opinions of Monday, 8 February 2016

Columnist: Ali, Abdul Majeed

Never went unopposed


The optimist complains about the wind, the pessimists expects it to change, the realists adjust the sails. To set the record straight Hon. Abubakari Abdullah did not go unopposed as claimed by the NPP in Mamprugu and the ignorance supporters of the NPP across the country who don’t sleep as a result of his victory during the NDC presidential and parliamentary primaries in Walewale constituency and his subsequent appointment to the office of the Northern Regional Minister which has given the elephant fraternity sleepless nights ever since his appointment by His Excellency the president of the fourth republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama.

Albeit, the Northern Regional minister designate Hon. Abubakari Abdullah was in the race of the NDC parliamentary primaries in Walewale constituency with Hon. Zakari Abudu (former district chief executive for West Mamprusi) and HON Issahaku of which Hon Abubakari won massively. My dear readers, is that how unopposed is defined in the reams of politics? Absolutely no! and for that matter N.P.P fraternity in Mamprugu should learn to keep their mouth shut if they don’t have anything better to offer Mamprugu and the nation as a whole.
With all apology, the questions I will like to ask without prejudice; Is Hon Abubakari Abdallah the first PNC member to have defected to a different political party? Of course people have done it before him and the soothsayer who told the elephant fraternity to field a defected PNC member as their parliamentary candidate in Walewale constituency if they want to win the seat has told the NDC to also do same. Was the current Member of Parliament for Walewale constituency, Dr.Sagre Bambangi a member of the N. P. P fraternity? Was he not a member of the same PNC you are talking about? Was he older in the NPP fraternity than the likes of Mr. A. B. Mahama, Mr. Sanusi and co? Was the NPP divided in Walewale constituency when he (Hon. Dr, Sagre
Bambangi) a defected PNC member won the primaries? Were they not people in the NPP fraternity in Walewale constituency to lead them into victory of that seat? Does that mean that, NPP was not a democratic acclaimed political party for fielding a defected PNC member as their parliamentary candidate? I would have been highly elated if the NPP fraternity could answer the above questions raised. The sleepless nights of the elephant family in Walewale constituency has only exposed their ignorance and selfish desire to win elections at all cost which cannot be possible at all cost.
Apparently, the electorates are waiting to retire Nana Addo and Bawaumia finally come November 7, of their desperate desire to ascend the throne of the president and vice president respectively. Ghanaians are going to retain His Excellency John Dramani Mahama not base on the ministerial reshuffled but per what he has achieved so far as the president of the country and you and I know very well that, he has done what Napolean could not do. Mr. President worry not you have won in mamprugu and Ghana at large in advance. We are only waiting for Nov, 7 to expose the political lies and rather tribal politics of NPP in mamprugu. Insha Allah, His Excellency John Mahama will be the president of Ghana till 2020. I shall return.