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Opinions of Saturday, 2 October 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Nana Konadu Rawlings is a Neocolonial agent

It has recently come to my attention that Nana Konadu Rawlings is considering running for the highest office in Ghana. In my worst nightmare I never dreamt that arrogance and narcissism would consume the mind of Mrs. Rawlings to this extent. What is more disturbing is the fact that she cannot win any legitimate vote in Ghana and, will only help to fully destroy the NDC. Even if she is successful (which she won’t be) Atta Mills could always run as the CPP candidate and, still do better than her… In my humble opinion, this very bad decision that Nana Konadu has taken only causes me to suspect that she is a neocolonial agent working to get Mills out of power and, bring the NPP back.

The best way to get the NPP back in power is if the NDC splits up. As it is right now, Dr. Mills is doing a great job but, he is not promoting corporate interest or selling Ghana short thus, many neocolonial agents are trying to find ways to get him out of power. This spitting of the NDC mechanism is the best way to do it. The way these agents operate is to simply infiltrate the politics of a country and, make the ruling party unpopular through vile propaganda and division. Konadu Rawlings is thus a great agent for this since at the very least she can take a lot of votes from Atta Mills if she stands against him.

That is to say, if she challenges him and inevitably loses she may run as an independent and, effectively split the Atta Mills vote by grabbing most of his vote from the Volta region… This is her husband’s strong hold and, seems to be the only place she could potentially beat Mills. She would not get many of his votes anywhere else in the country and, her running may even galvanize support for Mills among CPP leaning NDC members who tend to despise the more radical elements of the NDC’s history but, in the end it will equal a loss for both her and Mills and, a win for the NPP. Thus, why would she even be contemplating these ideas??

Dr. Atta Mills is on pace to be known as the second greatest president in Ghana after Nkrumah. In fact, if he wins the 2012 election it will inevitably be his fate because of the development deals he is already signing and, the vastness of resources he will have at his disposal to bring transformative change. Some of the radicals from the 80’s are jealous of this and, are willing to even sell their souls to neocolonial agents to promote self aggrandizement. These clowns are at the very core narcissist and don’t care much about Ghana. That is why we have started to see propaganda articles in Newspapers and, online coming from NDC people who are already calling for Atta Mills to be removed.

The patriotic amongst our lot called out Atta Mills for his lack of vibrancy when it comes to management of the economy and, these criticisms were fair but, his recent interviews indicate that he understood the message. Thus, what’s all this noise coming from Konadu Rawlings and her supporters all about?? Is someone paying her to do this or, is she truly this clueless? Who are all these guys coming out claiming she can do it? On what basis is she better than Professor Mills?

The simple answer is that she is not better than Atta Mills in thought, word, and deeds!… She has accomplished very little outside of politics. She is not fit to even walk behind a man of integrity like Professor Atta Mills. Thus, how can she hope to win? The simple answer is she cannot and, she is a neocolonial agent looking to take down Mills at any cost to promote Self Aggrandizement!

Penname: Transient Justice