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Opinions of Friday, 25 July 2014

Columnist: Sayibu-Tamale, Akilu

Nana-Bawumia Ticket: Sure Bet For 2016 Part (II)

Thanks to all those who sent me mails after reading the part (I) of this article which was published in the media and picked up by several radio stations locally and internationally recently.
I actually wanted to publish this part next week but decided to publish it this week in view of the many requests to bring it out.
At times it is disheartening how some people who are bent on leading the NPP can go every length and breadth to do what is usually termed “dirty politics”. Some of the candidates wanting to lead the NPP and their surrogates have been circulating in the media that, Nana Addo should not be voted to lead the NPP because he is not fit health-wise.
What is baffling about this allegation is that, those claiming Nana Addo is not healthy have themselves not published their health statuses to let Ghanaians know if they are healthy themselves in the first place to lead the NPP and by extension Ghana.
Why on earth should somebody’s campaign message be dependent on someone’s health? Any candidate or surrogate who knows he/she belongs to this category must bow down the head in shame.
In any case don’t sick people win elections? When a text message was circulated in the past about the health status of late President Mills didn’t he win elections? My challenge to all those whose only reason for being in this NPP Presidential primary is the health of Nana Addo should first publish their health records or forever shut up!
Some other people are worried that Nana will go with Dr Bawumia when he is voted as the Flagbearer of the NPP on October 18, 2014. To such people Dr Bawumia has NEVER been an MP or Minister and to them he should have gone through this unconventional procedure.
All these to me are signs of desperation. Why on this earth should a normal person say someone who was Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana, an accomplished Economist and running-mate of the NPP for two terms is not experienced to partner Nana Addo?
Nana and Bawumia are the most marketed personalities in NPP and Ghana in recent times. The performance of Dr Bawumia during the Presidential Election Petition was legendary! Not only was it an opportunity for Ghanaians to know the man very well, but also an opportunity to let Ghanaians and the rest of the World understand that, we have in Dr Bawumia someone who is very sharp and extremely knowledgeable about the electoral matters of Ghana and can surely partner Nana Addo for election 2016 competently.
You see, anybody in NPP can come out and express the desire to lead the party into elections. That is democracy in other forms. But what is unacceptable is to want to use naked lies to malign and discredit our own party people in our desperation to win elections within the party. We must not forget that whatever we say today will be used against us tomorrow by our opponents.
I was privileged to have coordinated the campaign of Hon Freddie Blay for the three Northern regions. I interacted with the grass-root personalities of the NPP and can say on authority here that: Nobody in NPP can beat Nana Addo in any internal elections of the NPP for now.
I also know for sure that the Nana-Bawumia ticket is the ticket NPP and Ghanaians will want to see take over the affairs of Ghana in 2017.
The level of confidence in Nana and Bawumia has gone very high in recent times and posterity will not forgive the NPP if it misses the golden opportunity to present Nana-Bawumia ticket for election 2016.
I end Part (II) here with the saying that, “Anybody who defecates in the only well in the village should be ready to drink from it when thirsty”. Very best.
By Akilu Sayibu-Tamale North