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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Columnist: Azindoo-China

Nana Akufo Addo will win 2016 election hands

To begin with, I want to say that I’ve never voted for NPP since 1992 and I’ve never believed in the philosophy of NPP so hopefully, when you read this revelation please spare me of any party color.


Two weeks ago, a Chinese friend of mine asked me to accompany him to Tibet for his ritual purposes which I gladly accepted. As you all know, Tibet is one of the most sacred Buddhist worship place, where millions of people around the world troop to every year to seek spiritual assistance and consultation.

When we got there my friend had all his rituals done and after that he asked me If I had something to consult the great Buddha of Lahsa ,then I blinked my eyes left to right, scratched my head boom the issue of election 2016 came to my mind.

I asked the powerful head monk to tell me in 2016 who will win? He then asked me to write the names of presidential candidates. I wrote John Dramani, Amisah Arthur, Akufo Addo, Bawumya, Allan .K, Hassan Ayariga and Nana konadu A.Rawlings .Each name was written separately on an A4 sheet folded and hanged on a wall apart from each other.

Wow! Come see miracles. Come see wonders. No sooner he hanged the pieces of paper than he told me the winner. He mentioned the name Afufo Addo. What the great monk did was that he hanged all the names on a wall and began miming some mumbo-jumbo words bang! A sheet of paper dropped onto the ground. Then he asked me to open it when I opened it was Akufo Addo’s name.

I asked him severally that is it what is going to happen in 2016? Then he shook his head and smilingly said, it is a must Akuffo Addo will win. He continued my forecast is non- ambivalence I have no doubt about it.

I insisted that if he could look at it again of which he agreed. I then changed new pieces of paper and wrote the names as I did in the first one. There, I could hear the monk again this time round louder but meaningless phrases and before I realized a sheet of paper landed. I opened it come see the same man Akuffo Addo was written boldly on the paper. I couldn’t believe my eyes with such a miracle.

Based on my journey to Tibet and the revelation from that powerful Buddhist spiritualist, I urge NPP not to make a mistake and change Akuffo Addo he is the messiah of NPP no doubt he will take NPP to the promise land.

To get more details of my journey, I ask Akuffo Addo or his confidants to contact me for a disclosure it is urgent.

NB:please cut it and paste I had a problem uploading it by word format.